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2 way auto plus инструкция

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Training the chip key Training the remote Training the remote Training the wireless Training the pendants control without panic control with panic cylinder emergency call Select Tag. Deleting users To add a new user to the wireless alarm system, select the Add User menu To delete a user and all user settings such as remote controls and chip keys , item. Select the corresponding user by pressing Delete. If Expanded was confirmed with the control button, the following graphic Viewing the log display is shown: This function enables you to read the event log.

This log contains the last events together with the date and time. The log cannot be deleted. When the log is full, the oldest event is deleted to make room for a new event FIFO memory. System Rearmed The system has automatically reactivated itself Low Battery The system battery is not charged. Low Batt Restore The battery error was confirmed. Battery Load Fail The battery cannot be charged.

Additional functions Chime When deactivated, the system emits a signal tone if a door chime detector is triggered. This signal tone In this menu, a user can switch the functions assigned to them by the installer can be deactivated here. Test Siren Tests local alarms on the system and external sirens. Loudspeaker Tests the loudspeaker function.

This menu is used to test the different alarm centre functions. Keypad Tests the keypad function. Walk Test Tests the functions of the individual zones. Outputs Tests the wired and wireless outputs. System configuration A list of all outputs installed on the system is shown on the display. Select the This menu is used to change individual system settings, such as date and output to be tested.

Press Done to end the test. About Comms Shows information on the available communication Function Meaning paths. Week Planner Only users with administration rights can install this function.

The system should be activated and deactivated according to the time and day of the week. First create a weekly plan of the activation and deactivation times. Each day, up to 5 data records can be programmed for activation start and 5 data records can be programmed for deactivation end. Access the menu and enter your access code. Set activated Deactivation Activation Y Auto Set Select the time for Auto Set Monday Tuesday Time Internal and external activation In this example, partition 1 is switched from internal activation external perimeter protection to external activation completely activated.

The system should have external perimeter protection from This number is dialled This menu is used to activate or deactivate individual outputs manually. Telephone Call There are several errors that can occur during normal system operation. This menu is used to start a telephone call manually and test the telephone These errors do not immediately trigger an alarm or prevent system activation.

Declaration of conformity The declaration of conformity to the applicable guidelines has been made available and signed by Security Center management. It is available under www. We constantly develop our product range in order to provide our customers with optimal products incorporating state-of-the-art technology. The new software release for the Secvest 2WAY includes optimised workflows and an extended function range. These improvements can be found in the following document.

The wireless cylinder functions can be tested here. Works with iPod Classic. Works with iPod Video. Works with iPod Touch. App Control With Touch Control:. Aha Radio Link for Android. High Quality Audio Streaming. AhaRadio Link for Android. Max number of registed phones. Phone device status display. Audio device status display. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein:.

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