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200ep inductive amplifier инструкция

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Бизнес и промышленность Тестеры и отслеживатели кабелей The more complicated part is how to build the inductive amplifier part. Years ago I tried to get information on those inductive amplifiers and tried to build such circuit. Here is the circuit my first attempt to make inductive receiver I found on my archives. The original circuit diagram file source is unknown maybe from Usenet news.

I have done some modifications to the original design hand drawn extra components and value changes:. This somehow seemed to work but was not very good I searched some more information on then on Usenet news and this lead me to this message in Kaapelin paikannus? Thu, 06 Mar A 47 pf cap in parallel with the 10 M to rolloff highs, and a 1 Meg in series between the gate and probe tip.

The source load resistor is coupled to the input of thru a. A push button momentary contact switch and 9V battery complete the circuit. Here is my interpretation of the description. I built my inductive amplifier based on this design and it worked well much better than my first circuit. The high impedance FET amplifier receives the pretty weak capacitively coupled signal from the test tip.

This signal is then amplified to speaker with LM amplifier IC. I did in this plan one of my own modification: Here is a view inside my inductive amplifier signal tracer. I have built the circuit to prototyping board. In addition to parts shown on circuit diagram I have added a magnetic field detection coil that can be used there is a switch that switches between normal electrical field tip and magnetic sensor.

The magnetic sensor consists of a large air cored coil a coil from reed relay. One end is connected to circuit ground and other end when in use though kohm resistor to inductive amplifier circuit input that same input that goes to tip. I added the magnetic field detector because it can be useful for cable tracing and detecting all kinds of magnetic noise sources.

When you try to detect cable with magnetic field detection, instead of sending signal between wire pair on cable, you need to provide a means to feed a current signal that goes along the cable sometimes you can do connection easily and many times not so easily. Universal Tracing and Locating System document describes one commercial cable tracer that can use also magnetic field detection for cable tracing.

When using magnetic field detection it it would be nice to have a have a signal generator that has bulk current injection clamp that uses inductive coupling, treating cables as the secondary in a transformer. I have also nowdays one commercially made signal generator and tracer: It has proven to work well. And the signal generator works with my DIY inductive amplifier as well. Fox — Hound, Cable Tracers, Signal Tracers, Line Tracers — whatever you want to call them page has plans for signal sender and receiver work in the same way as I described on my document.

Wire tracer page has a very different cable tracer circuit idea. It uses an AM transistor radio as the detector. The signal source generates a pulsing signal a 1MHz KHz , which is heard as a growling sound in the radio. Induction Receiver shows a very sensitive magnetic field based cable tracer.

Because the matching transmitter was not available hence the low price, I had to design one that matched the two audio frequencies detected by the receiver. Switch the unit on to either Hz or Hz. The receiver detects the electromagnetic field generated by the transmitters signal in the underground cable. Direct connection…connect one output lead to the non-energized underground cable being located. Using signal generator http: Contact with live circuits can result in severe.

The item s must be clean and dry, and the. Failure to observe these precautions may result in. Failure to observe these precautions can result in. Tout contact avec des circuits sous. No exponga esta unidad a la lluvia o a la humedad. Utilice conductores de prueba o accesorios que sean. Los elementos deben estar limpios y. Antes de abrir la caja, retire los conductores de prueba. No cumplir con estas precauciones puede resultar en.

No intente reparar esta unidad. No contiene piezas a las. No exponga esta unidad a temperaturas extremas. No cumplir con estas precauciones puede resultar en lesiones. Nichtbeachten dieser Sicherheitsvorkehrungen kann zu. This manual is intended to familiarize personnel with the.

Please read this entire manual before operating the tool.

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