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Asrock g31m s инструкция

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Перейти к основному контенту. See More Listing Details. Получить до Ср, 6 июн - Пт, 6 июл от Riga, Латвия. Об этом товаре Product Identifiers Brand. Processor Installed Qty Max Supported. SATA - connector s: Трендовая цена Новые Оценки и отзывы Написать отзыв. Наиболее подходящие отзывы Показать все отзывы 7.

Great basic PC setup Used to upgrade an old Dell with a core2 duo whose motherboard went bad. This cap must be placed if returning the motherboard for after service. CPU and the heatsink to improve heat dissipation. Ensure that the CPU and the heatsink are securely fastened and in good contact with each other. DIMMs or the system components. Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining clips outward. The data in CMOS includes system setup information such as system password, date, time, and system setup parameters.

To clear and reset the system parameters to default setup, please turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power supply. Please short pin2, pin3 for OC jumper. Otherwise, the CPU may not work properly on this motherboard. Please refer to below jumper settings. Otherwise, the CPU may not work Make sure the red-striped side of the cable is plugged into Pin1 side of the connector. HDA to function correctly. Please follow the instruction in our manual and chassis manual to install your system.

None Save and Exit Exit v Second] Use this item to specify the system time. It indicates the clock on to clock off interval ratio. For example, if you set this option to [ Flexibility Option The default value of this option is [Disabled]. If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Sold and Shipped by Newegg. Very decent board with excellent documentation and memory compatibility.

Installed windows 7 in 25 minutes. No crashes or complaining for a reboot. Truly amazing for the cost. Wish i would have purchased 2 of them. Wish it had gigabit nic. Need to get the next model up to get that. My fault and not the boards for not doing the research. Rock solid motherboard, I own three of these and have a great experience from each install. I use this board to do upgrades to our businesses eMachine units never buy that junk. The board has great features and runs sound at normal clock speeds.

Would love more detail on the hardware monitoring. Great board, actually just got my third one, scheduled for delivery today. Small, efficient, easy install, stable. This board gave me all I needed at a good price. The board was easy to install and it worked. Video slot does not block SATA connector - problem on many boards. So far they have been good products. Using for a basic folding home system. With 2 sticks, it works.

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