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Auditorium cabasse tronic инструкция

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Hi Petersabo, good choice of car - I have the same model myself. Do you have navigation? If so press the "Set" button in the centre console and you can choose "Audio" and set the base etc that way. Quote message in reply? In order to be able to post messages on the Renault Forums:: Independent Renault forum forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. New to the forums so hello I have just purchased a 54 plate Laguna Privilege estate fitted with the Cabasse Auditorium Tuner List with the 6cd changer in the dash.

I did not get a instruction manual with it unfortunately and although it is obvious to use is there anywhere I can download a copy of the manual pdf or doc maybe. I found a couple of sites but they require payment. What is the difference between Update List and Tuner list headsets? I am intending to make a 3. Last edited by Zog; 28th October at Hi Zog and welcome to the forum its great to have you on board,iam sorry iam unable to help you but iam sure it will be possible to get one iam sure?

I emailed who have now responded by stating that they are unable to supply a manual for the audio system as it should have been with the car and only one is supplied with each vehicle. They did kindly offer to email me a copy of the Drivers handbook or send me a hard copy for a tenner. I have the handbook so no further forward yet. Does this apply to my unit and if so how do I access this expert mode? A problem well stated is a problem half solved! For the audio lead to work you need the 3 wires connected, on the CDrom cable you have 3 wires these will be used as: I decided to put my audio lead in the console by the handbrake, however put it wherever you want in the car!

The one wire on its own out of the 3 on the CD lead goes over the pin closest to the aerial on the stereo b. It fits firmly in place 3 - Slide the grey cover back over the plug 4 - Pull the plastic handle back over the connector so its held firmly in place.

If you follow the instructions hes given its a very simple job if you can solder. If anyone needs any help you can email me: Lucky for me my work has a crimp tool for this but I think if you are careful you can use some needle nose pliers. Am I connecting the audio CD wires in a connector block and then connecting the CD wires to the pins?

Take a look at the photos, you need a flat black connector from a PC, this then connects into the pins on the back of the head unit.

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