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Cateye enduro 2 инструкция

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Installation of the Computer on Your Bike. The computer is combined with the following parts. Mount sensor and adjust the gap between the.

Secure the sensor 3 with the larger nylon ties 7 at. Mount the sensor 3 at the appropri-. Rotate the sensor on the front fork to. Secure the cord on the fork with the nylon ties 7 and lead to the handle bar along the outer. Put the rubber pad 6 on the bracket 1 and secure the bracket on the handle bar with the. Slide the computer into the bracket 1 until you hear the click sound.

Ordered this bicycle computer in the morning and now, about 7 hours later, I see that it has been shipped! Did look at the instructions on-line - seemed thorough and straight-forward. Received the item the next day! By Don on February 1, The Enduro 8 follows in that tradition. Nothing is perfect however i. Also mode indicator type size is too small for my tired eyes. Lastly my Vancouver-based son prefers km readout to mph--need to remove the display to make the switch.

By adam rey on September 10, This is the second one i have owned and while impressed with its comprehensive features what i really liked is my first one lasted probably 10 years. Built like a tank, easy to mount and set up, has a heavy duty cable connection which held up to all the bumps and bruises i encountered on the trails, and it dealt with weather and rough terrain in an exemplary fashion. Very tough, well built unit.

Very easy to install but the only thing is the set-up instructions were hard to grasp. I finally got it, but maybe its just me! One person found this helpful.

By Tired Engineer on November 5, Works much better than the wireless bike computer it replaced. Is fairly easy to set up. Results are repeatable compared to variable results experienced with the old wireless bike computer. Define on September 23, I bought the Enduro 8 model because of its "heavy duty cabling" which I thought would work best on my bikes.

But at least it was possible to order replacement parts directly from Cateye. By Florida on August 20, Works great much better than the Bontrager meter that I had before that quit working after 1 year. The Cat Eye instructions were a bit difficult to follow because of the other various languages and generic symbols included with the paperwork. Предыдущая цена ,56 руб. CatEye Velo Enduro kosmos mity высотомер запасных компьютер штуцер набор длинный провод Совершенно новый.

Новое объявление Cateye Enduro Велоспорт компьютер Совершенно новый. Cateye Enduro Велоспорт компьютер Совершенно новый. Ретро Cateye Mity 2 цикл компьютер Новый другое. CatEye Enduro cc-ed велосипед компьютера цифровой спидометр с тяжелая обязанность провод Совершенно новый.

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