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Epson aculaser m2000 инструкция

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Align the corners of the printer and the unit, then lower the printer gently onto the unit so that the connector and two pins on the top of the unit fit into the terminal and the holes on the bottom of the printer respectively.

Pull the paper cassette out from the unit. Turn the lever to the position as shown below to lock the optional paper cassette unit.

Insert the paper cassette back into the unit. Reconnect all the interface cables and the power cord. To confirm that the option is installed correctly, print a Status Sheet.

Note for Windows users: Note for Macintosh users: Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. Remove the screw on the option cover on the back of the printer using the screw driver. Remove the option cover. Identify the memory slot. The position is shown below. Push a white stopper until it stops. Insert the memory module into the memory slot until it stops. Slide the white stopper back toward you to lock the memory module.

When the Toner light and the Error light are on, the printer has run out of toner. If the indicator lights light up in this manner, or if a message is displayed on the EPSON Status Monitor screen, replace the toner cartridge.

Always keep toner away from your eyes. If toner gets on your skin or clothes, wash it off with soap and water immediately. Never use alcohol or paint thinner to clean the printer cover. Pull the paper cassette unit out and remove the papers.

Gently wipe the rubber parts of the pickup roller inside the printer with a well-wrung wet cloth. Load the papers back on the paper cassette unit and reinstall the cassette. Cleaning and Transporting the Printer Cleaning inside the printer 1. Open the top cover and MP tray. Remove the developer unit containing the toner cartridge. Put your finger into the hole of the outer green knob on each side of the photoconductor unit.

Then, pull the photoconductor unit towards you. If you must touch one of these areas, wait 30 minutes to allow the heat to subside before doing Caution: Wipe paper dust and marks from the metal roller inside the printer with a dry and soft cloth as shown below. Move the green cleaning lever of the photoconductor wire back and forth slowly several times from one end to the other. Insert the photoconductor unit slowly all the way in. Insert the developer unit containing the toner cartridge slowly all the way in.

Close the top cover and MP tray. Transporting the Printer Finding a place for the printer When relocating the printer, always choose a location that has adequate space for easy operation and maintenance.

Use the following illustration as a guide for the amount of space required around the printer to ensure smooth operation. For short distances Always pay attention to the following handling precautions when you need to move the printer for short distances. Turn off the printer and remove the following items: Precautions for clearing jammed paper Be sure to observe the following points when you clear jammed paper.

Torn paper can be difficult to remove and might cause other paper jams. Paper Jam around the standard lower cassette 1. Remove the standard paper cassette, gently pull any sheets of paper out, and reinstall the paper cassette. Paper Jam around the sheet Paper Cassette Unit 1. Remove the optional paper cassette, gently pull any sheets of paper out, and reinstall the paper cassette.

Paper Jam in the sheet Paper Cassette Unit 1. Remove the optional paper cassettes from the bottom one, then gently pull any sheets of paper out. Reinstall the paper cassettes. Paper Jam inside the printer 1. If you cannot insert the developer unit all the way in, remove and insert the photoconductor unit, then insert the developer unit again.

Paper Jam around the MP tray 1. Remove the paper on the subtray, then bring the subtray back into the MP tray. Even if you see any jammed paper when you perform this step, do not pull it out. Otherwise, the printer may be damaged. Paper Jam around the rear cover 1. Open the rear cover. Pull the green labeled lever down and gently pull any sheets of paper out.

Close the rear cover. Open and close the top cover. Paper Jam around the DM tray 1. Remove the standard paper cassette. From the rear view, push the DM tray and gently pull any sheets of paper out.

Do not touch any metal part except the green lever on the DM tray. From the front view, push the DM tray and gently pull any sheets of paper out. When you have attached or removed options from the printer, you need to start EPSON Status Monitor, or delete and re-register the printer. For Windows users, you may use the printer fonts In the printer driver, choose the Print TrueType fonts as bitmap substituted for specified TrueType fonts.

The selected font is not supported by your printer. Make sure that you have installed the correct font. Do not store paper in a humid or damp environment.

Toner smudges Cause What to do Your paper may be moist or damp. Do not store your paper in a humid or damp environment.

You may not be using the correct type of paper for Smooth, high-quality copier paper is recommended for best your printer. Memory Problems Insufficient memory for current task Cause What to do The printer has insufficient memory for current task. Add more memory for a permanent solution or lower print quality temporarily in the printer driver. Insufficient memory to print all copies Cause What to do The printer does not have sufficient memory to If you must use multiple USB hubs, we recommend that you connect the printer to the first-tier hub.

If you click No, you will have to install the printer software again. However, other interfaces are still active and retain their settings and data.

The printer is ejecting paper due to a user request. The cover on the printer is open. Print Data Error Explanation: The print data is deleted because it is incorrect. Make sure the appropriate printer driver are used.

Printing by the specified number of copies is no longer possible due to insufficient memory RAM. Installing a genuine toner cartridge is recommended. Using a non-genuine toner cartridge may affect print quality. Toner Cartridge Memory Error Explanation: Reset the toner cartridge or replace it to a new one.

If this does not resolve the problem, turn the power off and then on again. A paper jam occurs. Clear the paper jam. All printer settings have been reset to the default configuration, or to the last settings that were saved. The printer is set to the Auto mode by default, so that it can automatically determine the encoding used in the received print job data and select the appropriate emulation mode.

The AppleTalk zone setting is incorrect. The font on the printout is different from that on the screen Cause What to do The PostScript screen fonts are not installed. For Windows users only The printer cannot print binary data when it is connected to the computer via the USB interface. The screen fonts must be installed on the computer that you are using.

Otherwise, the font that you select is substituted by some other font for display on the screen. Chapter 7 About the Printer Software for Windows Using the Printer Driver The printer driver is the software that allows you to adjust printer settings to get the best results. Note for Windows Vista users: Do not press the power button or put your computer to standby or hibernate mode manually during printing.

About the Printer Software for Windows Note for Windows XP users: Open the Top Cover. Open the Front Cover. Pull the Developing Unit toward you to remove it. Install the toner cartridge for initial filling supplied with the Developing Unit. The printer will start up in toner filling mode. When the toner filling is completed, remove the toner cartridge for initial filling, and install the toner cartridge in use.

Pull the Photoconductor Unit toward you to remove it. B2 C2 D2 Photoconductor Unit. Add page 94 to Favourites. While pressing the Main Plate , slide the Charging Unit. Pull the Charging Unit upward to remove it.

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