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Gorenje f6181aw инструкция

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Selected washing mode, temperature, spinning rate, and washing program completion time if selected or remaining time will appear on the displays. Signal lights on the selected functions will be lit. Do not allow children to clean the appliance or perform any maintenance tasks without proper supervision!

Pull it out from its casing completely by pressing the flap. Wash it under running water using a brush, and Clean the entire rinsing area of the washing machine with a brush, especially the nozzles on the upper side of the rinsing chamber.

Therefore, we recommend spreading an absorbent cloth on the floor before starting. Open the filter lid using flat screwdriver or similar tool. Remove the water outlet funnel before cleaning the filter. Gradually rotate the filter in the counter-clockwise Disconnect the washing machine from the mains before cleaning! Additional equipment and accessories for maintenance can be viewed on our website at: Flashing signal lights and the position. The washing machine shall automatically control the operation of particular functions during the washing cycle.

The machine will signal the fault until it is turned off. If the fault is on the heating system, the machine will complete the washing program, but without heating the water. Failure Possible cause What to do? However, prompt action is required! Soak the stain with an absorbent sponge or a paper towel; then, rinse with cold lukewarm water - but never with hot water!

DISPOSAL Our appliances are packed in environmentally friendly materials which may be recycled, deposited or decomposed without any threat to the environment. To this end all wrappings are marked accordingly.

The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Page of 48 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 2 We thank you for your trust and the purchase of our washing machine.

Stability control Machine stability during operation. Stability control system will make sure the load is distributed evenly in the drum. If the stability control sensor perceives an imbalance, drum rotation will be stopped to allow more even redistribution of the laundry. ChildLock Safety for curious kids.

During the wash, the door stays locked, preventing even the most inquisitive child from opening it. For added protection, the control panel can be locked by pressing a special combination of keys, making it impossible to inadvertently change the settings.

Products United Arab Emirates Search. Cooking Cooling Laundry Dishwashers. Site map Catalogues Manuals. Washing machines Tumble Dryers Washer-dryers. SensoCare technology Perfectly matching to your laundry needs. SensoCare technology makes sure every type of fabric is washed in the best possible way. It always delivers the optimum combination of temperature and amount of water, time, and spinning speed.

If, however, your clothes need a very special care, the cotton and synthetic fibre programmes can be tweaked with extra modes and functions. NormalCare selects the optimum combination of all four parameters for each load of laundry; TimeCare reduces the washing time; AllergyCare uses more water and extra rinse cycles; and EcoCare is the most energy-efficient washing mode. More information How it works.

TotalWeightControl Superior washing results regardless of the amount of laundry. The sensor adjusts all washing parameters to the amount of laundry in the drum. This leads to optimum use of water and power, shorter wash, and considerably quieter operation. A full basket of laundry, no matter how large, will be clean and pleasantly smelling.

DuraHeat Safe and durable heater. The redesigned and improved heater includes an overheating protection system.

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