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Graphtec ce5000 120 инструкция

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Setting up The Cutter Plotter 2. Then, adjust the push-roller position to match the width of the medium. The cutting plotter can use media in roll or sheet form. Setting up The Cutter Plotter Align the collar with the shaft holder, and then press down firmly on the collar until it is fully seated.

This is the status when the lever has been pushed down and engaged, and the silver-colored section is hidden. The stock shaft rotates in the FREE status. This is the status when the lever has been pulled up and inserted into the groove, and the silver-colored section can be seen.

The stock shaft does not rotate in the LOCK status. Setting up The Cutter Plotter Aligning the Push Rollers Adjust the position of the left- and right-hand push rollers to suit the medium width. Position the push rollers at either edge of the medium so that they are above the grit rollers.

Adjust the push rollers so that they are positioned above both the medium and the grit rollers. Setting up The Cutter Plotter Position push rollers 1 and 3 over the grit rollers to grip each edge of the medium, and position push roller 2 over the grit roller nearest the center of the medium.

The medium is gripped by the three push rollers 1 , 2 , and 3. Select the optimal cutter blade to suit the medium to be cut. Setting up The Cutter Plotter 2 First align the blade tip with the tip of the cutter pen, and then extend the blade from that position to suit the thickness of the media to be cut.

To avoid injury, avoid touching the pen immediately after the cutting plotter is turned on or whenever the pen is moving. Open the holder arm of the pen station with your finger, then mount the pen in the pen holder.

After the pen is properly mounted, close the holder arm to secure the pen. Basic Settings and Operations 3. TOOL cutter blade or pen Set to suit the material to be cut. These settings cannot be changed. The tip of the blade mounted in the cutter-pen plunger is not positioned at the center of the pen, so correction is required.

Raising or lowering the media set lever while cutting or plotting is stopped does not require the medium to be selected, and so the medium can be replaced or reset. Check how far the blade cuts into the medium and how corners are being cut; Function Settings and Operations 4. It is used to abort cutting while it is in progress.

Cutting is performed after one page has been fed. The page length is the length specified in Section 4. This should be used purely as a guide, as the actual cutter-blade wear will vary depending on the material cut and the cutting conditions e. This starts the total-distance calculation from zero. If you select OFF, a solid line is cut. The default setting is 6. Change this setting if the shapes being cut either separate too easily or are hard to separate. This function is called the "Initial Blade Position".

This operation leaves traces of the grit rollers on the media and prevents it from slipping during a cutting or plotting operation. The adjustment value for the deviation is specified as a percentage of the total distance. This function enables more efficient use of the medium through the specification of uncut portions of a medium that have already been cut, to avoid the previously cut areas.

This is useful for data requiring a large number of movements on the drawing with the pen raised. This is used to control the rotation of the cutter-blade tip during initial blade control when thick media is cut, and is therefore not necessary to specify for media of regular thickness. With a thick medium, additional time is required for the cutter blade to penetrate the medium fully, even when the necessary cutting force is applied. The cutter blade is controlled above the angle specified.

First of all, mount a plotter pen in the pen station and draw a cross. Next, mount a cutter pen in the cutter pen holder and cut a second cross the reference cross. Before data is sent from the computer, the format command mode of data sent by the application software must be checked.

The cutting plotter accepts two data formats command modes: Set the command mode to suit the application used. The default setting is the lower left, so change this setting if your application specifies a different origin position. This should be set for long-axis cutting or plotting exceeding 5 m in length.

The default setting is " mm. While receiving data from the computer, the cutting plotter considers the receipt of the command specified by the SEPARATOR setting as an indication that a complete set of data has been sent. DEMO for the cutting of a demo pattern. These should be used to check the various settings and to check for problems. Function Settings and Operations Dump Mode This function checks whether data is sent correctly from the computer.

If the output data does not match the program after the dump list has been output, check the transfer conditions and connections. Setting and Using the Special Functions 5. These functions are specified only in special situations, and are not normally used. The menus for setting the special functions are displayed. Main Board Cpu Block Section pna Main Board Motor Drive Section pna Main Board Fpga Section pna Main Board Interface Section pna Main Board Memory Block Section pna Relay And Sensor Board Section Checking The Accessories Product View, Parts And Functions Connecting To Your Computer Turning On The Power Loading The Medium Loading A Roll Medium Loading The Roll Medium Loading Sheet Media Aligning The Push Rollers Replacing The Cutter Blade Adjusting The Blade Length Mounting A Cutter Pen Setting The Interface Conditions Setting The Cutter-pen Conditions Selecting Cutter-pen-condition Setting Areas Storing Cutter-pen-condition Setting Areas Setting Tool cutter Blade Or Pen Displaying The Effective Cutting Area Moving The Pen Setting The Initial Cutting Position Pause Menu List Reading The Auto Registration Marks Setting The Feed Function Setting Auto Pre-feed Setting Tangential Mode Medium And Registration-mark Position Drawing Origin Point Setting The Registration-mark Mode Setting The Registration-mark Pattern Setting The Registration-mark Distance Adjustment Setting The Registration-mark Auto-scan Mode Clearing The Buffer Memory Aligning The Coordinate Axes Setting The Page Length

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