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Huawei e355 инструкция

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The amount of APN profiles you can add to the device are unlimited which will allow you to tailor the device to meet your needs. Menu Search Account Compare. Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. Account Wishlist Log In. You have no items to compare. Welcome to Shop 4G Broadband Here! In stock Regular Price: What is in Y our Packing Box? It is subject to your actual one. Double flashes The network is normal. And make sure that the UIM card is fully in place. Follow the instructions of the prog ram.

UIM card may be unavailable for you. However, you can still make emergency calls. When you maximize the screen, it becomes the following: All the status that may appear and their descriptions are listed below: When the screen is being initialized and in minimized status: Status Description information Displays the current network type and signal strength. Signal strength More erect bars indicate stronger signal. Displays the number of new messages in real time.

If there are any new messages, the number will blink. If there are any new SMS reports, the number will blink. If you use the Low-speed Data Service Access to access the internet, please consult the network operator for all the information to be inputted. Click on to set up a connection. After a prompt indicating that the connection is set up appears, click or start the Explorer on your computer, and then you can access the Internet.

Click on to disconnect the connection. The above data of volume statistic is for your reference only. By Directly Entering a Telephone Number ou may make a c all by enteri ng directly a telephone number: Click on to hang up.

When you have any missed call, the amount of missed calls is displayed in real time under the status information on th e main screen. For details of the operation, please consult the network operator.

After entering a call number, press this key to make the call directly. Press this key to an swer incoming call. In the blank field behind the "Contacts", enter numbers directly with semicolons ";" as the separator. You can directly input the numbers or select them from t ontacts.

When a new message is coming, you can see the alert window. Making Calls You can call back the number of a message sender. The messages you have sent out are saved in the Outbox. Up to messages can be stored in this box. Forwarding Messages In the Outbox, you can forward the messages that have already been sent out.

You can remove the messages from the Outbox. The messages are removed to the Trash. Page 8 - Q6: Establish WiFi connection between PC Page 9 Page 10 - Q7: Page 11 Page 12 - Q8: Page 13 - Q9: Page 14 - Q I forget my Wi-Fi key and Web login Page 15 - Q I feel my Es getting hot after l Page 16 - Q Duration statistics of the Internet Page 17 - network Page 18 - connected? Default encryption method of ES Clients connected to the Mobile WiFi cannot communicate with each other.

Why can not I access the management page by desktop shortcut when. Add to my manuals Add. Summary of Contents for Huawei E Page 1:

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