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Инструкция magic car 5

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Вы можете найти интересующую вас инструкцию используя классификатор или воспользовавшись поиском. Для этого введите информацию об устройстве в поисковый запрос, например: Подробную информацию о том, как найти и скачать инструкцию, вы можете найти здесь. Напишите ваш отзыв об устройстве. Smith 91 A4 Tech. Tech Dynamic 1 I. Holdings Corporation 8 I. For each set of fuel injectors perform following.

From front to rear injector consecutively pry out injector connector wire clip straight pick and pull up on electrical housing to dislodge connector. Battery negative cable must first be disconnected from battery in trunk. This was first step in procedure. Remove battery positive cable from cable box and valve cover and set to side see second picture below. For each valve cover perform following. Loosen bolts evenly in multiple passes. Front 3 bolts are different from 8 side bolts.

Insert blade putty-knife between valve cover gasket and engine head at all front end accessible locations to break gasket bond. Pull up and remove valve cover. If resistant, insert blade putty-knife between valve cover gasket and engine head at sticking locations. If valve cover cannot be removed, double check valve cover 11 mounting bolts have been removed. If valve cover is stuck, pull up on free front end of cover to break gasket bond on remainder of valve cover.

Maintain valve cover perimeter gasket with cover. Valve cover perimeter gasket will stick at rear half-moons due to gasket sealant. Pull up on gasket to release. Remove valve cover sparkplug well gasket from engine head. Sparkplug well gasket could have maintained with valve cover.

If gasket is stuck to engine head, attempt inserting blade between gasket and head from an edge putty-knife. This facilitates gasket removal without breaking plasticized brittle gaskets into pieces. For each set of oil rails perform following. Oil rails are symmetrical front to rear and top to bottom.

Thus maintaining oil rail orientation is not necessary. If manual transmission, place transmission in neutral. Turning crankshaft counter clockwise is acceptable. Intake camshaft will be rotated further clockwise due to vanos advancement.

Thus reference exhaust cam for 45 degree positioning. Angle of view changes alignment position. Raise front of car and place on jack stands follow appropriate procedure; chock both sides of both rear wheels. Remove large engine compartment shield underneath front of car. Locate crankshaft lock hole and inspection hole at bottom rear of engine.

Pull off inspection hole cap if present. Insert crankshaft lock pin into crankshaft lock hole. Pin will not likely fully insert. Fully insert lock pin. Drain coolant from engine block. Catch draining coolant in receptacle coolant receptacle. Remove and discard bolt crush washer. If washer not on bolt it is likely at hole or fallen in coolant receptacle.

It is not necessary to drain coolant from engine right side. This does not affect repair and there is very little coolant to drain and thus is of no significance. If radiator drain plug is present at radiator bottom right, drain radiator coolant form drain hole.

If radiator drain plug is not present at radiator bottom right, drain radiator coolant form radiator lower hose connector. Remove radiator lower hose from radiator. Remove temperature sensor cable connector. Press in connector locking wire clip and pull off connector. Pull out hose locking wire clip small flathead. Wiggle and pull hose connector off radiator. Rotate and lower coolant expansion tank down and let hang from hose.

Place expansion tank overflow hose in receptacle to catch draining coolant. Remove expansion tank cap to drain coolant form expansion tank. Catch coolant in receptacle. Reinstall expansion tank cap once expansion tank is emptied. Install engine left side coolant drain bolt. Install new crush washer on drain bolt. Fully tighten, 25 Nm Install radiator drain plug.

Bring up expansion tank and overflow hose and lay expansion tank lower hose on AC compressor pulley. Maintain expansion tank overflow hose high to prevent loss of coolant. Install large engine compartment shield underneath front of car. Insert shield front inside front bumper. Align and insert side bolts into bolt holes. Remove radiator upper hose from radiator. Remove radiator upper hose from thermostat. Wiggle and pull hose connector off thermostat.

Remove radiator upper hose from alternator. Wiggle and pull hose connector off alternator. Remove radiator upper hose from engine compartment. Remove radiator lower hose from thermostat. If not previously performed, remove radiator lower hose from radiator. Remove radiator lower hose from engine compartment. Remove secondary air blower hose and secondary air vacuum control hose from secondary air exhaust valve. Press in blower hose circular locking clip at top and bottom and pull off hose. Pull off vacuum hose.

Place blower hose to side. Reposition expansion tank as necessary. Pull secondary air pipe right and left ends out of engine and remove pipe from engine compartment. Allow purge valve to lower and suspend from hoses. Move fuel purge hose and alternator electrical cable down and away from bank 2 upper timing cover. Place towel under tensioner to catch draining oil towels. Discard tensioner crush washer. For each solenoid perform following. Press in electrical cable connector wire clip and pull off connector.

Pry gasket at top sides to initially move gasket and break gasket seize flathead. Remove gasket by pulling out alternatingly at gasket top and bottom from bolt mount hole 90 degree pick tool. Do not remove solenoid.

Place towel under solenoid to catch draining oil and unscrew and pull out solenoid hands, towels. For each timing cover perform following. Bank 2 lower left mounting bolt requires a low profile tool for access 10mm ratcheting wrench. Bank 2 lower left mounting bolt cannot be removed due to access restriction and needs to be removed with cover. Insert blade putty-knife between timing cover gasket and engine head at cover top corner to break gasket bond. Pull forward on timing cover while inserting blade to facilitate further insertion on blade.

Pull forward on timing cover to break all cover gasket bond. If timing cover cannot be moved, double check cover 6 mounting bolts have been removed. Pull forward and up on timing cover to remove. Remove gasket with cover. Sealant bond at top and bottom rear of cover will be broken.

Camshaft position sensor remains mounted on timing cover and is removed with cover. For each camshaft set perform following. If locking blocks are marked in German, E is intake and A is exhaust. Place locking block set on intake and exhaust camshaft rear square ends.

Adjust each camshaft position as needed to align for locking block insertion 27mm open wrench. Each camshaft incorporates a hex to facilitate camshaft rotation. Bank 1 intake camshaft will need to be rotated counter clockwise opposing a valve spring to properly position for locking block. This is due to valve spring load and vanos timing advance. Rock each camshaft slightly back and forth while pressing down and forward on locking block to fully seat and align block on head surface.

Verify camshaft rear squares inserted into locking blocks rear narrow slot. Camshafts ends extend to rear of camshaft rear squares. During following component removal, maintain component to engine head association. This is not necessary but is good practice. For each timing wheel perform following. Nut is left hand thread , thus unscrew by turning breaker bar from left to right clockwise car front orientation. Intake camshaft is counter held by locking block. But do not rely on this alone as camshaft can be damaged.

Further counter hold camshaft at camshaft hex 27mm open wrench. Remove timing wheel and mounting nut. For each vanos perform following. Bolt is left hand thread , thus unscrew by turning breaker bar from left to right clockwise car front orientation.

Do not remove vanos mounting bolt at this time. For each exhaust sprocket perform following. Exhaust camshaft is counter held by locking block.

Do not remove exhaust sprocket mounting bolt at this time. For each camshaft chain tensioner perform following. Compress chain tensioner and fully insert locking clip into locking holes. Bank 1 chain tensioner is compressed from below tensioner and bank 2 chain tensioner is compressed from above tensioner.

If locking clip not fully inserting, remove clip and press in locking clip pins to make parallel, then reattempt insertion. For each vanos and exhaust sprocket perform following.

Unscrew and remove vanos and exhaust sprocket mounting bolts; left hand thread hand. Do not remove vanos and exhaust sprocket at this time. For each exhaust sprocket and camshaft chain perform following. Pull vanos and exhaust sprocket forward and off camshafts. Move exhaust sprocket closer to vanos to loosen camshaft chain and remove chain from vanos rear sprocket.

Reinstall vanos onto intake camshaft. Remove exhaust sprocket and camshaft timing chain. Pull vanos forward and off intake camshaft. Remove crankshaft chain from vanos sprocket. Maneuver crankshaft chain past distribution piece and lay down to side of engine.

Do not remove vanos center shaft from vanos body. Shaft is balanced to vanos body and must be marked before removal. For each chain slot perform following. Lay towel over chain slot towels. Towel will prevent components from dropping in chain slot during following repair steps.

For each vanos oil distribution piece perform following. Lower mounting bolt, just below solenoid hole, is longer and has washer. Pull oil distribution piece from engine head. If distribution piece resistant, pry distribution piece off head while hitting distribution piece cylinder wide flathead, hard hammer.

Distribution piece can be stuck on camshaft due to camshaft seal ring scoring on distribution piece cylinder. This can be seen once distribution piece is removed. For each vanos oil distribution piece gasket perform following. Pull off and remove oil distribution piece gasket.

Discard distribution piece gasket. For each intake camshaft perform following. Pry off and remove 3 seal rings from camshaft from front to rear order. Perform following for each seal ring. Rotate seal ring to position locking ends at top of camshaft. Push in and up on seal ring from sides to push up seal ring ends out of camshaft seal grove. Press down one seal ring end and pull up other seal ring end and disconnect end locking hooks.

Pry apart seal ring ends and pull seal ring off camshaft moving each side forward in alternating increments. Remove and discard seal ring. For each check valve perform following.

Screw removal tool into check valve 10mm thread diameter bolt. Check valve thread pitch is 1. This is sufficient to mount and remove check valve. Pull off check valve from head 10mm thread diameter bolt. Check valve is mounted in head by check valve O-ring. Unscrew installation tool from check valve and discard check valve.

For each chain tensioner perform following. Pull up chain tensioner and insert pry tool under tensioner edge putty knife. Prey up on tensioner to release tensioner mount putty knife. Tensioner mounted to engine head by O-ring.

Pull up and remove chain tensioner. Perform following for each camshaft chain tensioner. Following rebuild is of bank 2 camshaft chain tensioner. Bank 1 chain tensioner rebuild is very similar. Compress chain tensioner and pull out locking clip. Pull off chain tensioner guide from tensioner base. Slide new chain tensioner guide on tensioner base. Press guide on until it locks into place.

Remove chain tensioner piston from tensioner. If necessary, pull hard to remove piston. If chain guide difficult to remove, pry open guide bracket tabs flathead. Pull off chain tensioner guide from tensioner piston. Slide new chain tensioner guide on tensioner piston. Insert chain tensioner piston in tensioner. Remove old O-ring from tensioner. Cut cross section of O-ring in groove razor knife.

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