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Инструкция panasonic sa pm4

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For your safety, please read the following text carefully. This appliance is supplied with a moulded three pin.

Should the fuse need to be replaced please ensure that. If the plug contains a removable fuse cover you must. If you lose the fuse cover the plug must not be used until. A replacement fuse cover can be purchased from your. How to replace the fuse. The location of the fuse differ according to the type of AC. Illustrations may differ from actual AC mains plug. These symbols on the products, packaging,. Keep in a cool, dark. Replace only with the type recommended by the.

MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from. For more information about collection and. Penalties may be applicable for incorrect. Open the fuse cover with a screwdriver. Sales and Support Information. For the United Kingdom and Ireland. Direct Sales at Panasonic UK. Customer Communications Centre Monday — Thursday. Replace the fuse and close or attach the fuse cover. Take a browse on. For business users in the European.

If you wish to discard electrical and. Please input 1 to Successfully added to basket. Reduced power consumption Low Power Consumption. High quality sound, ecology, and a stylish design Full Digital Amplifier System. Where to Buy Where To Buy. Find Your Nearest Dealers Experience our products for yourself! Customer Service Centre Being a Club Panasonic member is filled with exciting rewards and privileges!

Visit the support page for this product. Insert the cassette to be recorded. Tune to the required station refer to page Recording discs Recording discs Forward side Up to 15 stations can be set in both the FM and AM bands. Timer Using the sleep timer Using the sleep timer Setting the clock Setting the clock This function enables you to turn off the unit automatically This is a hour clock. Each time you press the button: Timer continued Other basic operations Other basic operations Using the play or record timer Using the play or record timer You can set the timer to come on at a certain time to wake you Action up play timer or to record from the radio record timer.

Sound adjustment Selecting sound effects Selecting sound effects Enjoying surround-sound Enjoying surround-sound You can change the sound effect by selecting Preset EQ or Enable you to add natural width and depth to the stereo adjusting the bass or treble effect. Troubleshooting guide Before requesting service, make the below checks.

Common problems No sound. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Page of 16 Go. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,.

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