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Инструкция пароварка moulinex principio s05

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Tillykke med Deres nye Moulinex stavblender. Opbevaring - Ved tilberedning af coulis bruges filteret E. Takk for valget av et Moulinex produkt. Lagring Plasser den i begeret, ha i ingrediensene, og bland. Med din Spiralio handmixer kan du: Page of 25 Go. Add to my manuals Add. Blender Moulinex User Manual 6-speed blender 22 pages. Page 3 Rangement ments et mixez. Page 4 Thank you for choosing a product from the If the fuse cover is detachable, never use the Moulinex range. Page 5 Moulinex service centre see list in the ser- - Do not remove the blender foot attachment vice booklet.

Page 9 - Doe noch het apparaat, noch het snoer, noch apparaat uit het Moulinex assortiment. Page 10 Uw apparaat werkt nog steeds niet? Page 12 A la hora de guardar 2. Page 17 , il filtro, il bicchiere, il contenitore ed il coltello del minitritatutto. Page 18 Tillykke med Deres nye Moulinex stavblender. Page 19 Opbevaring - Ved tilberedning af coulis bruges filteret E.

On a work surface with enough space around it, away from any flammable substance curtains, bin, electrical socket, etc. Almost all types of bread available in stores. You should be aware that dry bread toasts faster than fresh bread. Frozen bread toasts more slowly. With the adjustable thermostat, you can adapt the toasting level to suit your taste. If a slice of bread gets stuck in the appliance, unplug it and leave it to cool down. You can then remove the slice without any risk of getting burned.

The differences in the humidity levels between the various types of bread may cause the time and toasting level to vary. Slightly dry bread should be toasted at a very low position. Very fresh or wholemeal bread should be toasted at a slightly higher position. Bread with an uneven surface, such as English bread rolls, may need a higher toasting position. Yes for bread containing cereal. No for bread containing dried fruit, in fact toasting it will give the bread a bad taste and may transform the fruit into embers, which could lead to material damage.

With the automatic centring fitting all our toasters and with the extra deep and extra wide slots on our new models, buns, rolls, thin or thick slices can easily be toasted without sticking to the heating elements. It is only possible in appliances specially designed for small buns. Be careful as the toaster can only contain 2 or 3 buns at the most to avoid a concentration of heat.

Frozen bread toasts even more slowly. With the browning level selector, you can adjust the toasting to your taste. Before cleaning, maintaining or storing it, unplug the toaster and leave it to cool down. To clean the outside of the toaster and the power cord, use a soft cloth or a slightly damp sponge and detergent, then dry it all over.

To clean the crumb tray, remove it and wipe with a damp cloth. Do not put it in the dishwasher. To maintain the toaster, never use harsh detergents, metal utensils or abrasive scouring pads. AND never touch the heating element. The lever will only stay down when your toaster is switched on at the mains socket outlet. If there is still a problem, unplug the toaster and turn it upside down over a sink and gently shake to remove any large crumbs that may be blocking the mechanism.

If the problem still persists, take your toaster to an approved service centre. Standard square cut bread. Remember that stale bread toasts faster than fresh bread. Frozen bread takes longer, depending on model. Your toaster will be fitted with a button for toasting bread from frozen. You do not need to throw away toast that has been cooked already, use the reheat function of your toaster depending on the model.

Switch off the appliance and leave it to cool. Unplug the appliance before attempting to remove the bread. You can then remove the slice without the risk of touching a hot element. Remember never to leave a toaster unattended whilst in operation. Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website. You have lost your password. Please enter your email address and we will send you a password Confirm Cancel.

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