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Jbl spyro инструкция

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Will these sound good or just look interesting? PC Mag editor-in-chief Jim Louderback stepped into my cubicle and said they looked cool, kind of like "flowers.

Before you manly men out there dismiss the Spyros outright, however, be advised: These speakers sound great, and they take up very little space. The few issues I have with their ergonomic design are fairly nitpicky. Also, I hate having to reach down to the subwoofer on the floor just to adjust bass level and power.

Of course, these are minor concerns. The only real functional issue here is with the touch-sensitive plus and minus volume controls that sit on the right speaker. I eventually settled on turning them to the max and fine-tuning a lower volume in iTunes. And where is the headphone jack? Sonically, the Spyros impress. The subwoofer is quite capable of providing a nice kick-drum thud and rounding out the bass guitar in rock songs. Check the connection of the wall adapter. Wall adapter is not plugged into JBL Spyro correctly.

Wall adapter is not receiving AC power. Place the wall adapter in a known powered outlet. Test the outlet with a lamp or other device. Connect JBL Spyro to a known audio source. Test the audio source with headphones. No volume control on right satellite. Check the right satellite connection.

Stecken Sie den rech- Schritt 3. Lesen Sie sich diese Anweisun- des Subwoofers. Wenn maximal 30 W maximal 30 W Der Stromadapter ist nicht rich-. Testen Sie die Audioquelle m. Son utilisation est soumise aux deux conditions suivantes: T Lisez les instructions. Не нашли необходимые товары? Перейти к основному контенту.

Оптимизировать поиск для jbl spyro speaker. Уточнить подробнее Формат Формат. Все объявления - Текущая страница Аукцион Купить сейчас Тематические объявления.

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