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Magnet field инструкция

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The measurement of each point is performed within 3 seconds and the program automatically gets three measurement readings of the meridian conductance value on each second, then the software calculates the average value of the point. After 3 seconds when the running red line stabilized and reaches the end of display scale, measurement value is accompanied by a beep and the software automatically fixes it in the evaluation form if you checked the box with.

To repeat this or any other point, press the button forward - to pass to the next point. If you are satisfied with test results the software automatically directs you in charts section in 5 seconds. The software automatically saves 24 values and creates a test summary in the shape of different charts in the clients file.

A stable running red line shows that the measurement is accurate but there can be a break in the graphic line, continue to measure a point and wait for a while, it is probably passing. A break indicates that the signal has broken. Test charts viewing test results in graphs. In this version of the software you can view and save unlimited quantity of tests for each client.

These graphs provide a summary of the meridian examination. If you want to see the graph with 12 meridians on the left and right side the first type of the chart, click on the date you want to view if it is not a current test and the chart icon. To do so click on the dates you want to view and the program will display each test in its own color. The advantage of this function allows you to compare the last examination with previous ones and view any changed physiological responses.

Fourth chart allows to see an imbalance between left and right meridian side in a figure value and evaluate the difference between them like the second type. The fifth chart is a Pie chart - an alternative to the first type of chart as some users used to view test results in this shape.

The sixth type of chart is supposed for evaluation of points measurement points chosen by a practitioner on each meridian allows also to test substructures. Organs are marked with different colors depending on imbalances revealed in the process of measurement.

You are able to view female or male body depending on a sex of your client and his registration data. There is a table with meridian names, their left and right sides and percentage of revealed imbalance in the organs and meridians connected with them. Here is a table with color evaluation of the values: Functions Scale and Navigation help enlarge or diminish 3D model and also move it in different directions.

The window Recommendations is multifunctional and provides several options at the same time, such as: Color zones — it is advised to find painful points and massage them, put a definite color, heat them up with moxa or apply seed therapy. Color point — you can draw recommended color points on your finger meridians with a simple color marker or any other available color tool.

Needle point — if you have special Su-jok needles you can use recommended points for Su-jok acupuncture. Open point mode gives an automatical calculation of a biologically active point in the body which changes every 2 hours. The treatment is carried through one needle only. The needle is inserted in the open point perpendicularly and left there for minutes. To get recommendation on corresponding zones, press. It is advised to find painful points and massage them, put a definite color, heat them up with moxa, apply seed therapy or use any method you want.

The window includes meridian chart, Pressing the button ,you are able to view zones given by the software for more detailed examination with additional means Su jok diagnostic probe finger etc It is possible to change given zones to ones own or add some new colors or zones.

Click on the zone you want to change with the left mouse and it starts blinking, then choose the color you want to add or change from color panel with the left mouse click as well green color in our example. Press the zone you want to select and choose one of the given colors. To get recommendation on meridian points, press. The recommended points are displayed together with a necessary color to put them on marked points.

To avoid errors and locate the points on right fingers and side scroll down and you will see the picture of fingers recommended for color therapy. This function also helps you to create your own Su-Jok acupuncture using meridian and needle panels, view them next time or print them out for your patients.

You need to mark the meridian and point and then use needles according to their direction from the needle panel. To avoid errors and locate the points on right fingers and side scroll down and you will see the picture of fingers recommended for needles. Magnets are used in magnet therapy. Magnet therapy is also used in Su-Jok acupuncture, as Su-Jok acupuncture uses different kinds of energy balancing, except acupuncture it includes therapy with magnets, color, seeds of plants.

Choose your sex, male or female and press File View. Date and time is set by default, but you are able to change these settings. Also it is possible to use alternative buttons for Open point calculation. Meridian - which is divided into 2 groups: Dati tecnici mento di pace-maker. Tutti i modi operativi possono essere selezionati con o senza vori con sistema di autolivellamento.

Non aprire da soli lo stru- dello strumento di misura. Als u de automatische uitschakeling wilt activeren, schakelt u het meetgereedschap mogelijk te maken. Als het meetgereedschap bij een van de controles de maxi- male afwijking overschrijdt, dient u het door een Bosch-klan- tenservice te laten repareren. Met het nulveld en de schaalverdeling kunt u de verplaatsing ten opzichte van de gewenste hoogte meten en op een andere plaats aantekenen.

Daarmee vervalt het nauwkeurig instellen van het meetgereedschap op de over te brengen hoogte. Het Bosch-team voor gebruiksadviezen helpt u graag bij vra- ste gang. Bredden til laserlinjen endres med avstanden. Natych- bez funkcji automatycznej niwelacji.

После охлаждения измерительный инстру- ка Функция автоматического нивелирования выравнивает Проверка точности горизонтального нивелирования неровности в рамках диапазона автоматического нивели- вдоль Оно облегчает выравнивание ин- строя, ремонт должна производить авторизированная сер- струмента по высоте.

Не вскрывайте самостоятельно измерительный инструмент. Работа с измерительным шаблоном принадлежности см. А — В Пожалуйста, во Робота з лазерним приймачем приладдя www. Ochelarii pentru laser servesc la mai buna recu- E-Mail: Скидки 11 декабря Виртуальная карта постоянного покупателя читать дальше.

Какие товары доступны для заказа? Подробно об отображении наличия товаров читать дальше. Пошаговая инструкция читать дальше. Правила написания сообщений 1 августа Правила общения на сайте fmagazin.

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