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Materials control программа инструкция

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The causes responsible for such losses must be brought to light and utmost efforts should be made to minimise the wastage of raw materials. This is possible only by introducing an efficient materials control system. A proper system of materials control also aims at fixing responsibility of operating units and individuals connected with the purchase, storage and handling of materials.

Another objective of materials control is to provide accurate information regarding material cost and inventory whenever needed by management. In a productive undertaking the need of materials control arises on account of the following reasons: For keeping the stock of raw materials within limits in the stores i. It ensures proper storage of materials.

For the proper preservation and safety of materials, adequate storage facilities are to be provided. With the help of proper storing of materials, quantity of materials as and when required can be issued to various jobs. The terminals are the primary input devices because of the on-line and interactive nature of thes system. Terminals are available for data input by system users with proper access authorization.

A user will be assigned only one password. After signing on to NALCOMIS, the user will be allowed to access most of the data base by selecting an inquiry option on a menu and providing any necessary key prompt information. Only authorized users will be allowed to request a report to be printed.

The external interface records are automatically generated upon successful completion of the related transaction. Aviation Storekeepers are responsible for providing parts, equipments, and materials needed by maintenance.

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