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Mdk3 инструкция

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Use at your own risk! The purpose of this guide is to inform users about how a router can be exploited to temporarily reset WPS lockouts.

This can be useful when using reaver to crack a WPS pin. Keep in mind that this does not work with every router. It largely depends on hardware. Here is how it works. Each of these commands are run in a separate terminal window and I think you can figure out the variables here. Join Date Jul Posts You are running the mdk3 a b d and m command lines in four different windows all at the same time - is this correct?

Your comment "You can also add -m to the end of this so it uses real mac addresses instead of We already have a DDOS program written to use with pwnstar that runs the a and g and airodump-ng commands.

We will drop all our other projects with easy-cred and focus on this. However be aware that a reset WPS router is only going to give you ten keys before it locks up.

Anyway we will run some tests and have something back to you in a few weeks. Anything this is better then trying to brute force a long key. This will authenticate real mac addresses instead of Reference your comment about airodump-ng we know there is an issue with airodump-ng in a kali-linux install as airodump-ng will freeze randomly in all our computers occassionally.

But the issue is so random we do not know how to even approach the problem. WE will send you a working copy so you can check the command lines and make suggestions. We do not see a way to send you the script. We do not want to post an incompleted script for general use. To soxrok The mdk3 part of the script is completed and ready for you to test and correct.

We first turned on the WPS locking by requesting pins. After ten pins recieved the router locked. We then gave the router a quad blast with mdk3 in four Eterm windows as you suggested. We know that after a power failure all the WPS locking resets to off in our area.

The airodump-ng problem seems to be related to computer speed. On the same computer using HD install of kali-linux, airodump-ng would freeze within a minute or two.

If reset it would run and then eventually freeze again. With a 16gb usb persistent install of kali-linux airodump-ng froze within seconds. Your comments concerning the -r command may have merit BUT against the routers in our areas of operation time between pin request and mac codes requesting these pins has no relationship to the locking.

The locking occurs after ten successful pin requests from any source. We explored this approach extensively. However our targets are only one make of router. The program sat on the shelf for six month until we discovered a use for it. Originally Posted by mmusket To soxrok We have spent two hours trying to send you the link where you can access the file. We have given up. We keep getting error messages. Maybe if you send me a message I can reply back to you with the link.

Awesome work on the script! Just did some testing Bugs -Airodump does not correctly display networks… I only see the network which its really not picking up any beacons when I auth Questions -When the mac address is changed, does it change mon0 mac address also?

Suggested Features -Implementation with reaver and auto detection of locks requiring reboot or that may take hours at a time to have it do this all automatically.

This can come later -Automatic network discovery, ex: Changes -Changed a few words around. Other Where can we share updated scripts for this?

You can send it to my e-mail. More of this in another post. If everything has worked after a few lines of output you should be able to use iwconfig to see that your wlan0 has been turned into mon0, monitor mode is enabled and the interface is up. Airmon has some other useful options like being able to specify which wifi channel you are using and to run a check to make sure that there are no other processes running which would interfere with engaging mon0.

Being able to specify the wifi channel is very useful later on when attacking, spoofing or otherwise investigating a specific network. After all of this actually running mdk3 is quite simple. Make sure you are in the directory with your text file then if you have used Method One issue:.

If you leave it for a few seconds and then check another device for available networks you will see them listed. You can also turn off and turn on your wifi card with the commands: It is also the mode that MDK3 requires you to be in so as to send out fake AP SSIDs Here you have two choices… you can simply disconnect from your current network, set your card into monitor mode and use MDK3 or you can use the Airmon script from the Aircrack tools to change to monitor mode and rename the interface to avoid confusion.

Next take your wifi card down using: You can check with the iwconfig command and you should see the mode listed as monitor Method Two- Using Airmon to Engage Monitor Mode Airmon is part of the Aircrack suite of tools, another incredibly powerful set of tools to work with wifi networks. Using Airmon to engage monitor mode is really simple: Being able to specify the wifi channel is very useful later on when attacking, spoofing or otherwise investigating a specific network Running MDK3 After all of this actually running mdk3 is quite simple.

Make sure you are in the directory with your text file then if you have used Method One issue: He then sends Kurt to the alien ship to save Max. Kurt frees Max, and together they fight Shwing. During the battle, they learn Hawkins has been taken prisoner. Shwing initiates the auto destruct sequence, and jumps into an energy stream, followed by Kurt, whilst Max heads back to the Dandy to save Hawkins. Upon destroying a robotic dog constructed by the aliens, Max frees Hawkins, and uses a device on the dog to open a portal into which he heads.

Meanwhile, Hawkins remains behind to take back control of the Dandy. After finally ridding the station of aliens, he finds the co-ordinates of their home world and sets course. Meanwhile, Shwing emerges from the energy stream on the home world, Swizzle Firma, with Kurt following close behind. Kurt destroys his ship, and an injured Shwing tells Kurt the attacks on Earth have been ordered by Emperor Zizzy Ballooba.

Meanwhile, Max emerges from the portal on Swizzle Firma, and learns Ballooba plans to launch a doomsday device at Earth which will obliterate the entire planet. Max kills Shwing as he attempts to launch the device, and then destroys the device itself. Meanwhile, Hawkins pilots the Dandy to Swizzle Firma and contacts his colleagues.

A battle ensues between the three heroes and Ballooba, with the heroes emerging victorious. The closing sequence depends on which character the player uses for the final battle. Kurt resumes his duties as janitor of the Dandy , perturbed by the idea of becoming a celebrity.

Max becomes the new emperor of Swizzle Firma, forming an interplanetary alliance with Earth. Hawkins is welcomed back to Earth, no longer shunned by his peers, and gets to work on his lifelong ambition - creating an atomic robot zombie army.

Immediately after the critical and commercial success of the original MDK , publishers Interplay wanted to begin work on a sequel. They approached Nick Bruty , who had written and co- designed the first game for Shiny Entertainment.

Bruty asked Interplay if they would consider waiting until he was finished on Giants before beginning on MDK2 , but they chose to press on without him, handing development over to BioWare. Our belief is BioWare has been successful in the past in spite of inexperience due a serious commitment to making great games. We like new challenges and we are really excited to try out new genres and development platforms. Our experience lies in understanding what makes a good game and then collecting and motivating a group of skilled individuals to make it happen.

Addressing the similarities between MDK2 and the original game, he explained "The key characteristics we retained in MDK2 were the humor and the light-hearted style of the game. The reasoning is pretty straightforward - the humor and style of MDK set it apart. It could have been a little longer, it would have been well served by more character development and it really needed a method to tell the story of the game. Explaining why BioWare had elected to have three playable characters , he said,.

The decision to add Max and the Doctor as player characters to MDK2 was actually somewhat of an evolution, culminating in an epiphany. In addition, these models needed to have basic animations for running, walking and other simple actions. One day while chatting with Jim Boone our Interplay producer on the issue of gameplay variety, it just sort of came to us.

It all snowballed from there and the next thing we knew we had three completely separate yet equal player characters. The largest impact to the gameplay experience, in our opinion, will be an increased variety to the gameplay. Players will have to quickly change gears between the run and gun shooting style of Max, the stealthy style of Kurt and the puzzling style of the Doctor.

The introduction of two newly playable characters also removed the need for minigames , which were an important element of the original MDK ; "Our initial opinion is the huge variety of gameplay styles generated by our focus on three characters should replace the need for sub-games. In May , after the release of the Dreamcast version but prior to the release of the PC version, BioWare announced two significant changes had been made to the game.

The Dreamcast version had been criticized for being too difficult, and so for the PC version, Bioware were adding four difficulty settings "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" and "Jinkies" , as well as the ability to manually save anywhere although the autosave checkpoints from the Dreamcast versions would remain in place. Armageddon would feature the same difficulty tweaks as found in the PC version adjustable difficulty levels and the ability to save anywhere , as well as slight redesign within most of the levels and some gameplay tweaks.

Zeschuk stated " MDK2: But it is an improved, customized game. Faulkner and Randall explained the game was still utilizing the Omen Engine, with Faulkner saying of programming for the PlayStation 2 "The PS2 is certainly good at pushing polys , no doubt about that. And the two vector processors can handle the physics and geometry we have with room to spare. The trick is the video memory , mainly. All of the cool visual features, like a high-res framebuffer , FSAA and high-res textures all take a lot of video memory.

The math processors can be used to optimize any kind of math operations, which, in a 3D game, means a lot. So they will basically be used to speed up a lot of the 3D transformations and lighting. Armageddon for PS2 the definitive version of the game. We had to reorient our thinking after that. So now we have almost more texture memory than we know what to do with. Gameplay tweaks introduced in MDK2: Armageddon include bigger switches, weaker and repositioned enemies, and wider ledges in platforming sections.

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