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Opera pms инструкция

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PMS Rooms Management function ensures up-to-the-minute room status information including clean, dirty, inspected, pick up, out of order, and out of service. It helps you maximize occupancy and room revenue with minimum availability conflicts.

You get house status and guest data to make efficient housekeeping assignments. Extensive Rooms Management task assignment functionality allows you to create unlimited task assignments for room attendants and supervisors for daily cleaning, special projects, turn down service and much, much more.

Accounts Receivable gives you a clear financial picture of your entire operation. By integrating accounting functions with property management you get a truer picture and better control over every aspect of your operation. Accounts Receivable gives you complete information that lets you analyze the profitability of accounts. You get full multi- currency and multi language support features along with cross property posting and reporting for seamless world-wide operations.

Most key management reports are included within OPERA PMS, but we know that every property and property chain will require their own special reports to support their needs. Profiles capture demographic, statistical, and historical data for individual guests, companies, travel agencies, groups and more.

Front Desk makes check-in remarkably fast and easy. Your front desk is the focal point of your entire operation. Front desk features include:. Simple Cashiering capability yields greater profits with fewer charge disputes. Moreover, these functions simplify all major cashiering activities with no sacrifice in security. Perform Night Audits with no system downtime.

Now you can perform the Night Audit function with no interruption to your operation. In fact, the complete night audit, including an on-line backup, can be totally transparent to your staff. Commission Processing gives you accurate, rapid disbursement. Traditionally, commissions are calculated after the guest leaves the property and are usually based on the room rate paid during the stay.

This can often result in inaccurate, disputed payments. OPERA PMS, on the other hand, is driven by commission codes and business rules that give you an instant, accurate picture of commissions. Today, your industry is truly a global business. You need a powerful application that brilliantly and seamlessly accommodates differences in language, currency, and government regulations. No matter where your properties are located, no matter where your guests call home, OPERA PMS can speak in the language, transact in the currency, and calculate the tax requirements you need.

No complicated keystrokes or formulas to remember. No multi-screen puzzles to navigate. At every stage, the OPERA PMS graphical presentations, hot keys, and shortcuts are easy-to-use features built into the system to dramatically simplify operation and improve productivity. Graphics help to summarize vast amounts of data in easily comprehended formats. Author Write something about yourself.

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How can I learn Opera? I have only used Opera, but have been using it for over 7 years, and one of the most important things I have learned is that you can find just about any function if you read and look around, because the system is very intuitive. Opera is by far the easiest and most intuitive system that I have run across. The thing I would try and do is look at screenshots and keep an eye out for hot keys. Try to write down a grid. The first column is Shift, Control, or Alt.

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