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Owon hds1021m инструкция

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This scope is single channel, but the portability seems to outweigh that limit. The casing is protected with a cover. The item is actually smaller than what you would imagine. Many settings, but would have liked a glitch capture function. The color screen is nice and is anti-glare. The multimeter leads are decent, but not silicone.

If you wear glasses, understand the words are very small on the display. Nice scope with many features. By David on November 9, This thing is awesome. I dont do much with electronics anymore. I have a old CRT style scope I got a way back for more than what I paid for this, and this does much more and is portable. Screen is a bit small, buttons are on the cheap side, but it works, and it works well. Glad i got it. By slewisma on November 21, I bought this because my multimeter had failed and I needed a scope for a specific project as well as a multimeter replacement for general use.

I was working with relatively low speed logic circuits think timers and one-shots and the scope in this unit was more than capable for my needs. The meter is handy and, unlike my old meter, has a capacitance meter which makes life a lot easier for me. At my age the tiny printed values on some caps is pretty hard to read so being able to measure with the meter is great.

By Amazon Customer on January 1, I bought this back in This thing has been great. The battery lasts a VERY long time. I had this sit for almost a year and it still powered on like time stood still. As far as accuracy, it seems to be right in line with my fluke when I tested side by side. Marold on October 27, First, I do like it. It does take a while to become proficient in using all of its functions but the manual and help menu can get you where you need to go.

I carry a 50 ohm feed thru for that use. Yes, as others have mentioned, the BNC input is plastic and the user must be careful not to drop the unit on a connected BNC end. With the unit as light as it is, dropping it is easy by pulling the probe lead. My other quibbles are the analog meter readout is somewhat cartoonish but easy to read and most important, accurate. The one real problem I have with the unit and thus my four vice five stars is the battery charge indicator.

Mine indicates full right up to the point where it fails. The probes and test leads supplied are of high quality. Since I wrote the above, I let the unit deep discharge left it on until the battery failed. After that, the battery charge indicator has worked normally and the battery does seem to keep a usable charge for a long time.

At this time, the unit is working very well. The other problem is the meter leads. Neither quibble is enough to make me reject the unit knowing how well it works now. Introduction to the Horizontal System Shown as Fig. Press the "Trigger Menu" button and call out the trigger menu. With the operations of the menu selection buttons, the trigger setting can be changed. Advanced User Guidebook 5.

Advanced User Guidebook Up till now, you have already been familiar with the basic operations of the function areas, buttons and knobs in the front panel of the oscilloscope. Based the introduction of the previous Chapter, the user should have an initial knowledge of the determination of the change of the oscilloscope setting through observing the status bar.

Setting of CH1 and CH2 Each channel has an independent vertical menu and each item is set respectively based on the channel. Coupling Block the DC component of the input signal.

Advanced User Guidebook probe is 1: Take the Channel 1 as an example, the attenuation coefficient of the probe is Advanced User Guidebook The waveform goes back to its original one as it is shown in Fig. Advanced User Guidebook Fig. Advanced User Guidebook operation steps are as follows: Press the Math button to bring up the Wfm Math menu. Press the H1 button and call out the Dual Wfm Math menu. The menu will display at the left of the screen. Press F3 button to choose the Format, including dB, Vrms.

Advanced User Guidebook Best solution for magnitude, worst for frequency. Recommend to use for: Blackman Single frequency waveforms, to find higher order harmonics. Use the default dB scale for details of multiple frequencies, even if they have very different amplitudes. Use the Vrms scale to compare frequencies. DC component or offset can cause incorrect magnitude values of FFT waveform. Advanced User Guidebook What is Nyquist frequency?

The Nyquist frequency is the highest frequency that any real-time digitizing oscilloscope can acquire without aliasing. This frequency is half of the sample rate. Frequencies above the Nyquist frequency will be under sampled, which causes aliasing.

So pay more attention to the relation between the frequency being sampled and measured. The screen will show a window area defined by two cursors. In FFT mode, Set menu is invalid. Once trigger is set correctly, it can convert the unstable display to meaningful waveform. When DSO starts to acquire data, it will collect enough data to draw waveform on left of trigger point. Channel 1 as trigger signal.

Channel 2 as trigger signal. Advanced User Guidebook Video menu list: Advanced User Guidebook Term interpretation 1. Trigger can occur from several sources: It is the most commonly used trigger source.

The channel will work when selected as a trigger source whatever displayed or not. The instrument can be triggered from a third source while acquiring data from CH1 and CH2.

Advanced User Guidebook Display Type: With the F1 menu selection button pushed down, you can shift between Vect and Dots types.

The differences between the two display types can be observed through the comparison between Fig. When the "Infinity" option is set for Persist time, the measuring points will be stored till the controlling value is changed see Fig. By pressing the F2 button, the persistence will be cleared. Advanced User Guidebook 1. Press the Display button and call out the Display Set Menu. The display format is changed to be XY mode see Fig.

Save to internal storage or USB storage. When the type is Setting, the menu shows as following Advanced User Guidebook Setting1 ….. Setting The setting address Setting8 Save the current oscilloscope setting to the Save internal storage Load Recall the setting from the selected address When the type is Image, the menu shows as following: Save the current display screen.

Whatever the Type of save menu is set, you can save the waveform by just pressing the Copy panel button in any user interface.

The max frame number reaches ,and you can get better analysis effect with playback and storage function. Play back the wave recorded or saved. Playback menu shows as follows: Save the current wave according to the start frame and end frame set. Storage menu shows as follows: Advanced User Guidebook To use wave record function, do as follows: In the Mode menu, press F2 button to choose Record.

Advanced User Guidebook Do Self Cal Self-Calibration The self-calibration procedure can improve the accuracy of the oscilloscope under the ambient temperature to the greatest extent. Advanced User Guidebook Using the LAN port, the oscilloscope can be connected with a computer directly, or through the router to connect. The network parameters can be set in the menu below. Run the software on the computer, choose the "Ports-settings" of the "Communications" menu item.

Set "Connect using" to LAN. About the IP, the first three bytes is same as the IP in the step 2 , the last byte should be different. Advanced User Guidebook 4 Set the network parameters of the oscilloscope. In the oscilloscope, press the Utility button and press H1 button, turn the G knob to select the LAN Set; press the H2 button, the set menu is displayed on the right. RMS value of the sine wave Specification General. Save an extra for using the App Scan the QR code to buy: Launch the app and scan the QR code to buy directly.

Follow the below steps: Sign in to GearBest. Add product s marked with to your Cart. Open our app, and go to your Cart. Pay for your order for an immediate discount! Discontinue Add to Favorites 0. Recommended Products for You. RMS value of the sine wave.

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