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Ps 305d инструкция

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Лёгкий тюниг запили, ЛБП выполнил возложенные на него обязаности и на следущий день подвергся чуть большей доработки.. Проверка в разобранном виде без обдува вентилятором прошла успешно. Нагрузка - галогеновая лампа на 12В.

Ток потербления был 3. Время работы под нагрузкой - 15 минут. После подключения нагрузки первом делом начал греться диодный мост, силовые транизсторы были еле-тёплые..

Ну а теперь возмём "око Бога" - т. Включение и выключение без нагрузки - после выключения видим всплеск Ну что - 3й сорт не брак, как говорят Проверить что происходит при максимальной нагрузке на бп пока не могу, но обязательно постараюсь. Нет пределу совершенства, что нужно делать дальше - это улучшать систему охлаждения:. Evgeny Kovalev 13 мая г. Комментарии к сообщению Atom. В стоке он не имеет термопасты Краем глаза замечаем, что в радиаторе предусмотрительно высверлены отверстия под 2й силовой транизстор.

Любопытство тянет посмотреть сопротивление резистора в цепи эмитера - так я и думал.. It is a switching type supply and I believe the transformer in the control supply is shorted. They look very similar to the MasTech instruments, which I believe to be at least cosmetically clones of the Leader units, and are years old and have never missed a beat. They are digitally controlled analog supplies whose only deficit is their weight.

The "yee-haw" supplies would appear to be cosmetic clones of the MasTech devices May 25, , They were made well before Leader had begun acquiring machines from GoodWill TTi EX-R style functionality at lower quality but still decent in other words.

It has worked fairly for a couple of years. Does anyone have the schematic to help me so I can fix it? There is a CCT in previous page post 2. Does not show the transformer part though. Recently, I have been putting together a little hobby lab after too many years of software only work , and got one of these D supplies mine is labelled WEP PSD.

After getting the unit, I read this post and thought I would check my unit plus also playing with my QA ;-. The results are attached. Seems like, as with many Chinese products, your mileage may vary. I would be very interested to know what tests you are running to compare these PSUs so I would run them on mine too to see how it fares.

Three diodes and a resistor, scope probes across the resistor, have the scope on single-shot, then power-up the PS. Seems as simple as that. Ah I see now, I watched the video. I have an analog scope and can only see a flash then the screen goes blank. Because as far as I can see he is testing how well the PSU starts up and connects the load. The turn on test is a rough test of its transient response, e. In addition there are noise spikes that suggests damaged components.

Looking for overshoots on the output is very wise. Some powersupplies output a short spike of the maximum output voltage. At one the companies I worked for we had an intern test a whole batch of PCBs. Ofcourse we retested a few PCBs and none where working. The intern a bright fellow said that he was shure he did the test right so we asked him to show how he did the test. So he did and nothing seemed wrong.

However when he switched off the power supply I noticed the volt meter spiking. A quick check with a scope showed the problem: A chore he gladly accepted. Deep inside we all are still cavemen that like to break stuff just for fun.

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