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Швейная машина yamata fy 510 инструкция

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Потребляемая мощность 75 Вт. С отключением подачи ткани. Отключение механизма подачи ткани. P oisk - podbor. Швейные машины Yamata - цены. Максимальная длина стежка мм: Максимальная ширина стежка мм: Подберите себе швейную машину по параметрам, указывая интересующие Вас параметры в левой колонке страницы, и просматривая выбранные Вами предложения в правой колонке.

Сравните цены в лучших интернет-магазинах и купите швейную машинку с доставкой. Уточните свой выбор швейной машины Цена от руб.

Yamata FY 2 от 6 руб. Yamata FY 1 от 7 руб. Yamata Line 05 2 от 5 руб. Yamata Line 07 2 от 5 руб. Yamata Line 11 2 от 5 руб. Yamata Line 15 2 от 5 руб. Yamata Line 05 Контроль натяжения нитей - отсутствует. Швейная машина Yamata Line 05 Обработка петли - полуавтоматическая. Yamata Line 07 Контроль натяжения нитей - отсутствует. Швейная машина Yamata Line 07 Категория - швейные машины.

Yamata Line 15 Обработка петли - полуавтоматическая. Швейная машина Yamata Line 11 С максимальной длиной стежка 4. Yamata Line 11 С потайной строчкой. Accessories include extra replacement needles, oilier, quilting guide bar, zigzag for standard on machine , blind-hem guide, buttonhole foot, button holder sewing foot, extra bobbins, foot control, instruction book, free-arm conversion late to flatbed surface.

We are so confident that you will love this machine, we even offer you an exclusive no questions asked full refund or exchange less shipping costs on this machine within 30days of purchase should you change your mind or wish to exchange to another machine. Yamata is equipped with a sturdy motor, unlike many other machines at this price point. Most machines at this level, you will find have a 12volt motor. The difference is the sewing strength and speed, most 12volt machines will only sew at a maximum of stitches per minute, which is half the sewing speed of this machine!

A 12 volt machine, normally has an adapter, and thin cord. Important to take this as a major consideration when comparing machines. The Yamata uses standard industry parts, electronics, and accessory.

Parts such as bobbins, shuttles, motor, foot control, presser feet and accessories are all industry standard and shared by many other makes and model. Receipt as proof of purchase must be provided. For more read the comprehensive Terms and Conditions. Please provide a residential or work postal address as we do not ship to PO Boxes. If you are located in a remote area, please provide an alternative shipping address within the nearest town centre as a signature is required on delivery.

In case of Furniture, there may be a variation on freight pricing due to the location. We will call to confirm once order is received. No international shipping and delivery. Apologies for the inconvenience. Not the best machine, obviosuly.

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