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Слинг selby freedom инструкция видео

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Arms of Selby District Council. Bounded on each side by a dense vegetation, Pender Path meanders through nearly a dozen different species of tropical clumping bamboos. Bamboo shoots may grow as much as 40 inches per day during their two-month growth period, and then stay the same size for decades. Giant Bamboo, the largest member of the grass family, was planted at the gardens by Marie Selby. Just east of the historic Selby House, now home to the Selby House Cafe, are several banyan trees, some of which were planted by the Selbys nearly a century ago.

Their spectacular aerial roots, which grow downward and eventually serve as secondary trunks, allow the trees to spread out laterally and cover vast areas. For centuries, banyans have been used as shaded meeting places where people can converse or relax together, a tradition carried on daily by Selby visitors.

This garden is elevated to allow visitors to experience treetop living. With a variety of indoor and outdoor locations, Selby Gardens is a popular spot to host gatherings from small, intimate parties to full-blown community occasions.

For more information about space reservation, contact events selby. Although Selby Gardens features many exotic plant species, one of its most magnificent attractions is based around three species of mangroves native to South Florida. The Steinwachs Family Foundation Mangrove Walkway makes it easy to examine the intricate stem and root systems of the red, black and white mangroves — three distinct plant families genera that adapted differently to the challenges of living along the shoreline.

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