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Uni-t ut210e инструкция

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Confirm that you wish to install this software. Click the [Next] button. Read the installation licensing agreement carefully. Enter your user name and company name, then click [Next] once.

Enter the installation path in the installation path field or click [Change H….. Then click [Next] once. Depending on your specific requirement, select [Quick installation for the current user only] or [Make quick installation applicable to all users], then click [Next] once.

After confirming all information is correct, click [Next] once. The successful installation screen appears. When installation is complete as shown above, click [Finish F ] once on the screen. The software has been installed in your host.

If you wish to change any setup, simply click [Back B ] once during any stage of the wizard. Check the serial configuration or check whether the equipment is properly connected. Check the USB configuration or check whether the equipment is properly connected. Unless with prior written authorization from the company, no individual or firm may release, publish or change any contents contained in any way whatsoever.

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Took at look at mine and the data sheets. Seems like we could add RS, which for me would not be very helpful or we can tap into the signal before the main controller and add a buffer. I should have never looked into driving a scope because now I am thinking to get a second one. All of the datasheets are on-line.

All the stages of the quad appear in use. So, will need to add another amp. Not a bad idea anyway. March 24, , I am driving a 5 Amp pulse into about a 4 foot loop just to see how it looks. Pink trace is the current from the driver, yellow is from the UTE. The UTE was set to 2A, so showing it driving deep into saturation. The same test setup with the UTE set to 20A, so well within the working range of the meter.

This is not at all a good setup and suspect it will improve. I thought about just using the two connectors as is. Anyway, looks good enough to put some effort into it. That signal look pretty clean. I hope once you perfect the hack you will post the steps for newbs like myself. Thank you in advance. How about if you epoxied a little spring loaded arm of some kind plastic inside the clamp area to press the wire being measured against the correct side of the inside of the clamp arm?

I think at worst it would help with being able to at least move the clamp around a little while using it.

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