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Видеорегистратор papago p3 инструкция

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Activated at 40 mph. This feature will help minimize accidents and ensure safe driving. This feature works during the day time with speeds of 40 mph or more. Street Names and General Location Built-in digital map will give you general location and major street names. You will always have the proof you need just in case of an accident.

Speeding Alert Set up a speeding alert so you never drive over the speed limit again. A beep will alert you and remind you to slow down. Driver Fatigue Alert A timer can be set to remind the driver to rest after a certain amount of hours on the road. Better safe than sorry. This feature will be activated when you have been stopped for at least 10 seconds. Headlight Reminder Get alerted with a beep and light symbol when the lighting conditions change and headlights are necessary.

Never forget to turn your lights on again. Wide Dynamic Range The wide range in EV values self-adjust for optimal video recording at differently lit environments.

Write-Protect Ability In case of an accident or event you can write-protect certain files with a push of a button. Safeguard that important file from getting erased. Lifetime Firmware Updates The P3 is eligible to receive a lifetime of free upgrades as soon as they are issued. Please check our website regularly for any new available upgrades. HD Output HD 1. May 17, Release Note on Windows 1. Support Windows 10 2.

Added in stop sign recognition 2. Added Driver Scoreboard System and fixed bug 3. In addition, it also serves as a little extra protection. For instance, I like the idea of having a witness in case of an accident or a traffic dispute. With the embedded GPS global positioning system and built-in digital map, the P3 records the street name, district info, and coordinates that also appear on the video display. This allows motorists to view every aspect of an event at the time of the recording, which is a great way for truckers and drivers to record their miles driven.

The GPS also reveals the current position and the upcoming crossroad names for normal roadways. Two of my favorite features are the built-in speed camera alert and the speeding alert. For someone who has a lead foot more than they care to admit, these features really helped me maintain proper speed on the road, but also tipped me off to the traffic cams when I am going too fast.

The Papago P3 Dashcam really is the perfect travel companion when on the road. G-Sensor detects impact and saves footage The Good: The advanced driver assistance system Built-in speed camera alert and speeding alert Lane-departure and front-collision warning The Bad: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Vk Email.

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