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Xerox pe16e инструкция

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The voltage value for impressing to the transfer roller is decided by the changed value. Error Description Polygon motor error When the polygon motor does not reach normal speed Hsync error The polygon motor speed is normal, but the Hsync signal is not created.

Use a flat and clean surface. Replace only with authorized components. Do not force plastic-material components. Make sure all components are in their proper position. Observe ESD precautions when handling sensi- tive electronic components. Unlatch the Cover Face Up securing the Rear cover, as shown below. Then lift the Cover Face Up out. Cover Face Up 2. Unplug the Speaker Harness, as shown below. Disassembly and Reassembly 5. Take out the Cassette. Then remove the Front Cover, as shown below.

Cassette Front Cover 2. Open the Front Cover. Unplug the four connectors from the Connector PBA , 5. Disconnect the cover wiring harness then pull the as shown below, and remove the ground wire. Platen Cover upward and remove it. Lift the OPE Unit out.

Then unplug the two connec- tors from the OPE Unit and remove it. Push the Belt Holder and take out the Belt, as shown below. Remove the two screws and take out the Motor Unlatch the Open Sensor and remove it, as shown Bracket. Motor Bracket Open Sensor Pull the White Bush, then rotate it until it reaches the slot, as shown below.

Then lift the Exit Roller Middle Cover out. Unplug the two connectors. Before you remove the Main PBA, you should remove: Unplug the one connector and remove the five screws securing the Main PBA. Then lift the Main PBA out, as shown. SMPS out, as shown below. Remove the three screws securing the Inlet Bracket and remove it Inlet Bracket 3. Unplug the one connector and remove the one screw securing the Engine Shield. Remove the two screws securing the Thermostat.

Then lift the Thermostat out Thermostat 6. Remove the four screws securing the Fuser Cover and remove it, as shown below. Disassembly and Reassembly 7. Unwrap the Thermister Harness, as shown below.

Remove the one screw securing the Thermister and remove it, as shown below. Before you remove the Fan, you should remove: Then take out the Fan. Remove the three screws securing the Transfer Earth and remove it. Unlatch the Bushing and remove it. Then lift the Transfer Roller out, as shown below. Remove the Idle Gear and Feed Gear2.

Pull up the Feed Roller and Feed Roller1. Remove the Pick-Up Gear Ass,y. DCU using method, Jam removing method, and so on. The covering of a metal part can be removed which can cause an electric leakage. Then load the documents back into the ADF. To prevent document jams,use the document glass for the thick, thin or mixed documents. Remove the document from the ADF or the feed area by carefully pulling it towards the right by using both hands.

If there is any resistance when you pull the paper, or the paper is not seen in this area, skip to the fuser area around the toner cartridge Service Manual July WorkCentre PE If not, the function will operate abnormally.

If the printed image is different to the image, the CCD is defect. When you test CCD, make sure that the cover is closed. Use this list to check for send and receive errors.

If a communication error occurs while the machine is in TECH mode, the protocol list will print automatically. Press MENU, , 1, 9, 3, in sequence. Firmware version is displayed on LCD. Press 1 in the number keypad: Black spot Supply Roller Load a document and try again. The memory has become full. Either delete unnecessary documents, or retransmit after more memory becomes available, or split the transmission into more than one operation. Toner may be unevenly distributed.

Remove the toner cartridge and shake it gently to evenly dis- tribute the toner. Then replace the toner cartridge and retry. Scanner is locked by locker. If the paper feeds into the printer and 4. Remove the jammed paper after disas- sembling the fuser: Clean the surface of the pressure roller with dry gauze.

Background, Hot off set Heat-roller and and remove the foreign matter off of the pressure roller. If background appears badly in the printing, fix it by referring to the solutions for background.

Replace the contaminated or damaged part. Confirm you can hear a click sound, while pressing a key 2. Bending or deformation of the actuator of the paper sen- 1. Replace the defective actuator. Replace the Main PBA. Perform Engine Test Mode diagnos- tic code 2. Replace the power supply cord or SMPS. Check inside the LED-Panel on the front-cover, if the 2. Replace the control board. LED-Panel does not appear after normal warm-up. Replace the Main Control board. Open the front cover and check odically at the top of a black image.

If the problems are not solved, replace the developer cartridge. In case of Clean paper particles and foreign matter from the inside of the machine. Developer and charge terminal of HVPS. If steps 1 and 2 above did not correct the problem, replace the HVPS. The vertical movement of the transfer 3.

Clean the bush part of the transfer roller. The HVPS is normal? OHP, the software application and after use, we rec- Digital Printer higher transfer voltage is required. PC Cleaning Mode Print 2 or 3 times. Was this page helpful? How many users the utility has helped to install the latest drivers? What percent of users has not helped this article? Drivers Update Tool Information. VeriSign Inc Download Size: This utility solved my issue in just 5 minutes and in one click.

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