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Traveller level b1 class cd

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These perks also extend to their range of dining establishments, beauty, wellness and lifestyle shops. You can also find the well-loved Helena Rubenstein , unavailable elsewhere in Singapore, here. Be prepared to embrace an assortment of fashion, cosmetics and liquors, as well as a selection of local specialties, like Tiger Balm medicated ointment, Chinese tea and Singapore Sling in takeaway bottles.

All of the bags are hand-crafted, and have been snagged by the likes of Kate Winslet and Gisele Bundchen. If roasts are not your thing, right next door is another Michelin-starred hold out, Tsuta , tel: Step into TYAN , tel: The department building is undergoing a facelift to convert 29,sq ft of space into boutique beauty real estate and the entire Level 4 — dedicated to beauty services — opened in mid-June with brand names like Cle de Peau Beaute , Espace Beaute Chanel, La Mer Facial Studio , and Dior Institut.

Overall, expect international fashion brands, shoes, accessories, beauty products, electronics and homeware, as well as exclusive merchandise in this home-grown retailer.

Right opposite the basement tenants is the spanking new Mango B, tel: For a thematic food experience, head to the upper levels where Picnic tel: Alternatively grab a minute breather in Qoosh Nail Spa , tel: The full-service comes with a pre-pedicure Jacuzzi foot spa on a reclining massage chair while the nail technicians clad in yukatas summer kimonos serve up hot tea, chocolate and impeccable Japanese service as they scrub, massage and pamper tired feet back into life- before ending the course with a slick of pretty polish for the shopping ahead.

Lucky Plaza Orchard Road, tel: Stop off here for shopping bargains, especially for electronic goods such as cameras, DVD players and handsets. If haggling gives you a headache, you can adjourn to the fixed price tag comfort of Paragon Orchard Road, tel: Paragon offers high-end browsing with style, space and, of course, that ubiquitous Singaporean specialty — really cold air-conditioning.

For a whiff of luxury, check out the lotions and fragrances from Escentials , tel: Ngee Ann City Orchard Road, tel: The Japanese department store Takashimaya tel: In its food hall, you can also sample Japanese snacks and sweets, and gourmet food items from Harrods and Fauchon. Do not forget to pick up some delightful macarons on your way out at the Laduree teahouse A and , tel , which opened its Parisian doors in Singapore in late The newlook shopping arcade, Mandarin Gallery tel: There is also a good, varied selection of luxury items: Update your art collection via a visit to the Art Tree Gallery , tel: If you have two or three hours to spare, you could join their ranks by painting your own masterpiece for a small fee paint and canvas provided by the studio to take home and remember your Singapore trip by.

Right next door is Orchard Gateway , Orchard Road, tel: Dine at the highly raved Tim Ho Wan teahouse, which has queues forming as early as Moving out of the Orchard Singapore enclave, another shopping area fast gaining prominence is the Marina Bay area, which has a cluster of malls deserving of mention. Dockers is a great spot for those casual street-hip khakis and more for the man on the move. Raffles City is a hugely convenient spot for a range of designer brands and offbeat shopping too.

Take the CityLink underground passageway 1 Raffles Link, tel: The emporium also houses its own bistros that serve fresh catches and premium imported meats for a delicious lunch pit stop. In search of a camera store in Singapore? Staff are polite and will walk you through the innards of the latest gadgets. Camera prices in Singapore are competitive. Cathay Photo also has a shop in the cheaper Peninsula Plaza where you can pick up lenses, camera bags and tripods.

This is Singapore designer brand shopping at its most intense. One of the new Singapore shopping malls featured in our fun buys guide, this construct also carries several overseas labels that have chosen to make their first foray into Singapore: The luxurious bath brand has launched its flagship store B, tel: The discerning would appreciate stepping into Berluti B, tel: This game includes the base module called "Conchess". Other modules were produced but they are very rare.

More information on these modules is available on: Hopefully, the electronic board is very simple and it is quite easy with the help of the 2 following sites: It has a nice modern design, in metallic coloured plastic. There is no need to push the squares during moves. This exclusive chessboard works well, but the user guide is a copy - in English only. It is rated ELO, not so bad!

The XL was the first computer chess produced by Yeno. It was distributed with a long instruction manual of 51 pages in German. It was an auto-response board looking robust. It used a ud processor: The software is weak on fast levels but it is becoming a lot better on the best levels. Here is a test game level 3. At his level 1 mn 30 per move , it still makes major mistakes.

Here is a test game level 4. There is also al level 5 with 8 mn per move. From the resume for Kaare Danielsen , variants of this programme were produced inside units. It is still used today by Lexibook see the wiki schachcomputer. The same year, Scisys published the Turbostar from Julio Kaplan, a lot stronger and more expensive. There has been perhaps a Scisys Concord without II , 2 times slower, but it would be a very rare item.

This is a weak software with a very agressive style; see this test game. I opened the games to compare the hardware. There are some minor variants. This second Tandy has a minor packaging difference: The opening phase is very different but later, the game is very similar.

Here is the REV D test game. Its uncommon opening gave me many some difficulties. But I also played a first game much easier. It was then followed by the Superstar 28K and the Superstar 36K The software is quite good but it makes sometime errors.

There was a quantum leap between the previous SciSys Superstar machine and the current Turbostar, Kaplan contends. It was the middle range game from Scisys. It plays with a nice style but is quite weak - around ELO. This game is partially out of order. Everything works fine except the 2 clock displays. Here is a test game - it defends well but it miss agressivity as attacker. It was a mass market device on a limited hardware: But despite these comments, it was a commercial success.

It later became black and white and was handovered by Scisys. The text on the top of the chessboard is identical: Chess Coash Opponent MK The "MK12 trainer" reference is indicated on a label on the rear side. The software is a bit better: The box also includes a booklet in English: Easy Steps to Winning Chess. The software is probably a vriant of the Saitek MK12 trainer. It also has 16 game levels including 7 for beginners but there are no studying positions. The game level is quite weak as visible in this test game.

The game was sold with a initiation book - not available here. The pieces symbols on the LCD screen are simplistic. The main required functions are available: The software is weak. It also existed under the brand name Scisys. At that time, it was the middle price device with a 8MHz processor and a 16K software. It also existed as travel game under the name express 16K and then was accelerated to 12 Mhz under the names Turbo 16K and Astral.

The package and the name look like the Scisys Chess Companion II but the hardware and the software from Kaare Danielsen was very different. It also existed as travel game under the name Saitek Express 16K. It was later sold under the name Team Mate Advanced Trainer. The same program was distributed on a travel chess board Cavalier , Portable Advanced Trainer and with a faster processor 12 MHz on the Conquistador and Astral models. It plays a lot of variants so a young player can progress without being dismotivated.

The game is sold with an interesting book based on 8 grand master games with comments and 64 key positions where you have to find the next move. A test game showing its general level. He is exchanging a lot of material. In theory, it contains a pages book with exercises on 40 different games visible on this picture. But in this game for sale, the book is missing and the user manual is a copy.

This game was produced in and it seems to be the successor of the "Team Mate Advanced Trainer": The Ram is bytes. The opening library contains moves.

Here are a funny game with a chaotic opening and 2 variants of my usual test game. Its external design is similar to the Chess Champion L one but it includes a different hardware and software. The Saitek Strategy was at that time to develop programs based on good positions.

In the Saitek Catalogue, there was: The device can also store around games half moves. They can be replayed. This memory can also be used for its own opening library.

In the Saitek Catalogue was written "more agressive openings and a better psotion science. But do not underestimate the strength of this game as you can see in this almost similar test game.

My game has the wooden frame a little bit damaged on the top left. However, it is one of my TOP-5 preferred computer chess. It has a very nice game style in the mid game developments. In , the same chessboard was renamed Galileo.

The main hardware was a bit improved: The game was very nice but it only had 2 series of led horizontal and vertical and no screen. In , the Galileo was replaced by the Renaissance , with one led per square and a lcd display. The module includes its own processor and software.

It is installed on the side and complete the main software without replacing it: The game level was improved to around ELO, with a very nice game style. Later, this chessboard also included 2 other very strong modules: Here are a test game with the basic Galileo and one with the Analyst C module. The opening library is big and well made. It can solve the mate in 7. Some weaknesses in finales. However, this high technology was not reliable and this LCD screen had a short life expectency.

So all the Novag Savant are now out of order. In our tests, the Constellation 3. My personnal opinion is more moderate: It was not a beautiful machine but it was a good marketing concept.

Novag had understood the market need for very strong machines with an optimized price. At that time, it was simply the best software in the world in a modest look. It was also well known for its human game style. It is rated around ELO. This game is a bit damaged: This pretty "calculette" with 24 keys plays well and include a lot of functions.

Opening library of moves, 48 game levels. This software is rated ELO but with experience, I beat it without difficulties in this test game. Novag distributed in this calculator package the best programs from David Kittinger: This possibility was removed for the Ruby but existed again on the Sapphire and the Sapphire 2. Program derived from the Super Constellation with less opening and finales algorithms.

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