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Обнаженная песня. стихи и песни святой из кашмира лалла

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Some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever read Lalla shows us that we must be part of the world but not of the world. The soul, like the moon, is now, and always new again. And I have seen the ocean continuously creating. Since I scoured my mind and my body, I too, Lalla, am new, each moment new Now at last, inside the walls of this body-house, in the heart-shrine, you discover where he lives. I made pilgrimages, looking for God. Then I gave up, turned around, there God was inside me!

Oh Lalla, why do you keep on wandering, and begging? Make just a little effort. And God will appear in the form of a love that fills your heart. Lalla was a 14th century Kashmir poet who decided to go naked and wander around, dancing.

And indeed some of her poems are like that, which is either unfortunate, or lost in translation, or must be considered along with her entire body of work. But a lot of her poems are more complex. Also, her philosophy seems reminiscent of buddhism, zen, sufism, and a few other things, but is actually quite complex and probably unique to her. I love personal philosophies, they are so much more interesting than orthodox ways of thinking along prepared lines of thought.

In the following poem, I like how didactic it at first appears, but then she puts her own name in there, as if she were giving herself a pep talk! And that bit about moderation When you eat too much, you forget your truth, and fasting makes you conceited, so eat with some discipline, and consciously.

Be an ordinary human being. Especially interesting are the double poems here, translated as two poems but originally one poem. They hinge on a word containing two meanings, so that the poem can be read in two different ways. Here is an example, where the main pun in these two poems are "onion" and "breath": I grabbed the onion-thief and yelled for help. I tied him up in an inside closet and threatened him with Om. Уточняйте информацию при оформлении заказа у оператора контакт-центра.

Вдохновение для жизни без "если" и "но" Весь. Создание бизнеса из состояния осознанности Весь. Договориться с жизнью и найти свой путь Весь. Малый бизнес по - русски: Как пережить развод и обрести счастье в новых отношениях Весь.

Физика тонких тел глазами психолога. На русском языке публикуется впервые. Дары неистовых влюбленных Издательство: Стихи и песни святой из Кашмира Автор: Правила начисления баллов за отзыв 1. Отзыв должен быть уникальным и содержательным; 2. Отзыв не должен содержать нецензурную брань; 3. Отзыв должен относиться к товару, на который он написан; 3. Запрещено в тексте указывать ссылки на сторонние ресурсы, а также адреса электронной почты; 5. Отзыв должен быть написан кириллицей; 6.

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