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Insight: elementary: student book fiona beddall

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Caridad Macola Rojo Universidad de Quintana. Will I be able to find a job? A few key facts about us: English in York was established in. English language courses in the heart of London Celebrating our 10th anniversary International www. BCS is also recognised as a leading professional. LSI English for Teaching Course Aimed at speakers of other languages, this course equips students with the basic tools required to teach English as a Foreign Language and is also an excellent refresher.

Department of Modern Languages English language courses for non-native speakers of English Our bridge to your future Contents The University of Hull has a number of courses that will help you prepare. Its overall purpose is to raise the ability of students in all four basic English. Background and Rationale 2. Start display at page:. Rosamond Turner 2 years ago Views: B1, B2 and C1 levels. Premium offers a broader learning experience for exam and non-exam students, combining language More information.

Exams Place is your place to find all the support you need to help your exam students succeed. Written to More information. Cambridge University Press offers an excellent range of resources to prepare students for University of Cambridge More information.

Aktualizace ze dne New World Culture and Language Live lessons. Everything you need to teach English.

This internationally More information. Macmillan Education Business Titles Macmillan Education Business Titles Find the business course or title that s right for you in this handy course comparison chart.

Why choose a Longman dictionary? Incorporating articles More information. Key to symbols A1-C2. First, commonly known as First Certificate in English More information. Our portfolio includes innovative textbooks, digital learning solutions, More information. Our flexible Academic Year Programme allows you to choose from our range of courses and create your own programme More information.

Information for candidates Information for candidates English for high achievers in the professional and academic world Why Cambridge English: Advanced, also known as Certificate in Advanced English More information. Unlock teens potential to achieve academic excellence Aptis for Teens Unlock teens potential to achieve academic excellence Around the world, students are starting to learn English earlier on in their schooling, which is driving a demand for English assessment.

The different More information. Discover the benefits of learning English with us and make a difference in the world Discover the benefits of learning English with us and make a difference in the world Welcome to the School of English MCL in London Why London? London is a world city with a multi-racial and multi-cultural More information.

Working with us Support and benefits for authorised centres Working with us Support and benefits for authorised centres Helping you serve your customers better Cambridge English exams are delivered by 2, exam centres in more than countries. We put our centres More information. At Kaplan International, More information.

First, also known as First Certificate in English More information. Islands 1 Grammar Booklet. Islands 1 Pupils Book. Islands 1 Activity Book. English language courses in the heart of London. Each book has a range of different activities to help build up, improve and revise vocabulary More information. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission More information. Practical tasks and thought-provoking topics breathe new life into teen classes.

New Grammar Time puts the sparkle into teaching grammar through cute cartoons and appealing characters, both in the book and in the grammar-packed CD-ROM. See pages for information on other great Longman dictionaries for older teens.

To download the relevant correlation charts please go to: Everybody can relate to the discussions which are suggested and most reading and listening tasks have proven to be closely linked with current topics in the news. For furthe r information visi t www.

Digital, print or blended… the choice is yours! Provides students with instant feedback and automatic marking and teachers with diagnostic tools to see how students are progressing and identify which areas need extra attention.

Easily customisable for you to be able to incorporate all your own materials to personalise lessons. We all get on like best friends, so our meetings are full of jokes and chocolate, as well as serious discussions about the materials, and the latest trends in teaching methodology. It has made all the difference.

Teachers and students are always telling us how much they enjoy the videos and podcast material. Students easily engage in using language to make their own meanings, from simple activities to full-blown, realistic tasks.

Apart from that, its grammar and lexical approach effectively fosters language awareness, leading the way to enhanced independent learning. The course layout is easy to follow and is complemented by a variety of resources for skills and communication practice.

Find out more and download a sample unit at www. For further informatio n visit www. For further information visit www. Pearson English Interactive is an online course to help busy adults improve all four skills to become better communicators using International English. Access Pearson English Interactive whenever you want to: View their progress reports including time on task , course grade book and scores for activities, quizzes and tests online at a glance or in detail.

Want to skip an activity? Done, done, and done — at the click of a button. Customize your course syllabus to meet your class needs. Engage your students with hours of interactive videos where they listen and repeat or play a role in conversation and dialogue. In Levels 3 and 4, an ongoing drama which might even get you hooked as you watch the unfolding story.

Listen to their digital recordings, check their written work and assess their progress - all online. Practise wherever you want and as often as you want. MyEnglishLab should be used with a teacher for best results and includes: The best way to prepare for exams. Personalise your teaching based on what your students really need to learn to make progress. Measure student progress against recognised standards during your course. Find out more at www.

Score top marks with this intensive exam preparation course! Access to Longman Dictionaries Online and the innovative Longman VocabTrainer builds vocabulary further and offers students extra practice for the Cambridge English First exam. Students may work through the sections in any order or work only on the sections in which they feel they need the most improvement.

This express course offers authentic practice, thoroughly builds skills and includes the full MP3 course audio program with audio script on the CD-ROM. The fifth edition offers shorter printed texts with contents more accessible to students and a free CD-ROM that contains complete MP3 audio, an audio script and optional answer keys.

Whatever your age and wherever you study or work, Pearson can offer you an English language test that can help you make progress in your life by showing schools, universities, companies or other institutions the level of language proficiency you have reached.

Ask us about becoming a test centre! Our PTE General exam suite is designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning and is perfect for teen and adult students. Our tests integrate all four skills and focus on assessing the ability to communicate in English, rather than on testtaking skills. The tasks in the test are a natural continuation of what happens in and out of the classroom, giving you the opportunity to perform at your best.

It assesses the real-life English skills you need at university and for living abroad, and is approved by the UK and Australian governments for visa applications as one of the most secure and rigorous English proficiency tests around. One single 3-hour test, and results in under 5 days. Accepted by thousands of international academic programmes including most UK universities, as well as the most prestigious universities around the world such as Yale or Harvard.

For more information about PTE, including PTE test prep materials and when and where you can take the exams here in Spain, please visit: It is a wonderful app Simple definitions that really define the word.

An extremely powerful tool in English language learning. I loved the possibility to listen to the pronunciation of English words, British or American, offline or complete sentences when online. We produced titles with materials allowing teachers to take an integrated skills approach to using readers. She works hard at the athletics club and wins more and more prizes.

But Kim has to make a difficult choice, and she knows that it will hurt the people who love her most. One day he buys a new hat at a street market and people laugh at it. Later, a ball hits him in the same eye.

Now people can see the bruise - and it hurts. Riding in a motorcycle rally across the Brazilian jungle is hard and exciting.

This is the story of that journey, and of the rich and beautiful cities on the way. For BZ, a student, life in Eden City seems perfect. But one day he meets Eve, a girl who shows him that there is another world An intriguing science fiction story. Born with a white beard, he looks like his grandfather. As years pass, he seems to get younger.

This brings many problems, for him and the people around him. In these three stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, people are not always as they seem. Through his writing he fought for better conditions for children and the poor, but most of all he is remembered today for his wonderful stories and his unforgettable characters.

Timesaver Grammar Activities Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. Jane Rollason - A key aim of an intensive English language course in the UK will be to consolidate the grammar that the student will already have learnt in a lively and motivating way.

At the same time many of the teachers working in intensive courses in the UK will be relatively inexperienced. Junior English Timesaver Drama in the Classroom. Fiona Beddall - This lively page resource book contains a variety of graded drama activities to suit a range of levels and abilities.

Activities include action rhymes, games, mimes, jokes and full-class plays, supported by photocopiable cards, masks and puzzles. Comprehensive introduction provides useful guidelines on how to introduce drama to primary level classes. Timesaver New York Elementary-Intermediate. Denise Kiernan - Most students studying English will have an interest in the United States and may even visit the exciting city of New York!

This book provides lively and up-to-date information on New York and its people, places and culture. The emphasis is on a functional, communicative approach so students practise their English in a motivating, meaningful way whilst learning about this fascinating city. Timesaver British History Highlights. This collection presents highlights of British history in a way which will directly appeal to teenage students. Students are prompted to link historical events to present day situations, and personal project suggestions are included.

This title includes a free brilliant Britons poster. Everybody loves a story! This collection of varied picture stories will capture the interest of students and help them to develop their receptive and productive language skills. The accompanying CD further contextualises each activity with a model story and interview. This essential resource contains 24 picture stories each accompanied by a variety of mixed-skills tasks, culminating in the students writing their own version of the story.

The stories cover various genres including reportage, human interest stories and comedy. A CD with transcripts and interviews is also provided. Those act as models for the students before preparing their own interviews and stories. Timesaver Cross-Curricular English Activities. An extensive collection of exciting and interactive activities in English for maths, geography, life skills, history and science. Students use language skills to design a town, find out if they are a good friend, or test their knowledge of recycling.

A variety of activities present subjects in a fun and stimulating way. The Common European Framework outlines a series of targets to be reached at different stages through the language learning experience. Students learning English need to familiarise themselves with the culture of English-speaking countries to provide a context for their study of the English language.

This cultural studies title allows teachers to present aspects of contemporary US culture to their students which will enhance their language learning experience, and broaden their knowledge of the English-speaking world. Teenagers have no greater interest than themselves! One of the most compelling features of almost any teen magazine, anywhere in the world is the personality quiz. This book provides 50 of the most engaging personality quizzes covering all the areas of teenager interest including Love and Romance, Friendship, Travel and Adventure, Clothes and Fashion, Family, and more.

Timesaver Raps for Learning English. ELT songs and jazz chants are now brought right up-to-date with 25 cool raps to support lexical and grammatical development. Fun activities with funny illustrations extend the language points, with a full index to help the teacher find the right rap. Professionally produced studio recorded audio on CD. Timesaver Picture Prompts Elementary-Intermediate.

Gwen Berwick, Sydney Thorne. There is a need for ready-to-use visuals that tie in with specific language points. The book also provides new ways to recycle and consolidate new structures.

Timesaver Pronunciation Activities Elementary-Intermediate. There is a need for an up-to-date photocopiable resource which tackles pronunciation and listening comprehension issues in a realistic, non-contrived context. This book provides students with the skills they need to understand others and be understood.

Richard Munns and Mark Fletcher.

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