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Vijeo citect

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These run the gamut from current best-sellers and relatively recent introductions to long-in-the-tooth packages still available but whose heyday has passed. I do not have any useful judgement to offer about which is "best" or "worst". Yes,licensing is expensive too, but I guess not without reason ;. Only as good as the PC you run the software on and the OS you are using on it! ABB, the worst of anykind ever, it has to be.

Not even a PC based system, implementation is tedious and handling some instances of backups are pathetic. Yes, I do prefer to standardise and keep one brand instead of building up a "peace-mill" system, each time a new project comes along that needs a HMI on our plant, I always push to integrate it into our existing Citect SCADA system, as there are advantages over buying the latest and greatest "other" HMI packages mentioned in this list.

I do not have much experience with different Scada systems but i do think that Wonderware InTouch and Intellution is a good and user-friendly scada system. I would like to know what you find wrong with Cimplicity. You probebly do not know but both Intellution and Cimplicity belong to GE. While this is true, I can assure you they are radically different products, although at one time I believe Cimplicity actually used Fix as its HMI front end.

Having used both, I can tell you there are ups and downs with both, but overall I consider them comparable in features and ease of use. Each has a few quirks and each has some really nifty things the others do not. Learning 5 of them is more than adequate for one person, until the customer comes along that wants to pay us to have me learn a new one.

I have managed to escape WinCC so far. The guys that did work with it that I know, hated it due to its bizarre and sometimes inexplicable reactions to WinNT while working very well in Win98 , but I am told those issues have long since been resolved. While I might agree that the early versions 2. We have done over ten projects with Cimplicity for version 2.

I wonder why you think that about RSView. Cimplicity has a lot going for it, especially in later versions, but its not perfect. Fix is a nifty package but quite dated, and the replacement for it IFix is a nice idea but seems to take more work to make it do the simple things you need done, although this could be due to having only done a couple projects and being frustrated by how hard certain things were to implment that are so easy in other products.

I have yet to find anything that is completely impossible or impractical to get any of the packages to do that another package does support.

For me it boils down to counting keystrokes. When I have to hold down a mouse button and then use the arrow key to move an object slightly, I start getting irritable. All siemens SCADA because they think just in Siemens products, it is hard to think about integration with their products and the documentation is for "automation hackers", i mean, not every body, even unexperienced people is able to understand all Siemens documentation.

Some of the features are awfully complex to do compare to other ones but the graphics are good and, with a simple design, pages are loaded quite fast.

But its 21 CFR compliance makes it a very good choice for pharmaceutical companies When you are In development stage It is very slow, Tag Generation do not work properly, backup system does not work, OPC connection is very slow, in conclusion I hope not to use it again. I have worked with a number of HMI packages over the years and my list would be from worst to best. Intellution Ifix - Absoutle crap. Lookout Direct - Functions but what were they thinking???

I have found that I could create anything imaginable with Intouch. These folks know what they are doing. Ive heard Citech is pretty good too but my experience was not great. Usdata Factory Link 2. Wonderware Intouch up to v. I think it means he learned fast and got out - while they have fixed some of the worst problems with it, FTView is still a one-way trip into costly, constant upgrades. Better to have gotten out quick. You can check with your system, it must have 4 GB or more RAM if not available try to increase your virtual memory you can allocate same up to 10 GB.

Sure the good ones "work" but where is the mobile support, the tablet support, the "no software required app" we all see today on our phones. For me all the praised and cussed are "stuck" in the past - the way-back past.

I recommend checking out http: This is a very advanced system that is Client-Server based and only needs a web browser. Simple to setup - no software - quite cool. I recommend checking our Android app from http: On one hand, it makes it easy to be a futurist and predict that open solutions will greatly benefit automation. On the other hand, it makes it somewhat unlikely that I will live long enough to see the predictions come true.

The problem with "open" systems, particularly those with relational databases as their core engine, is that database callups are slow. For realtime they can be horsepowered up. For responsive trends and historical queries, they suffer. For maximum uptime and reliability, they are also not up the standards set decades ago. Relational is too slow some places but the viable alternatives are mostly OSS as well. And the reliability and uptime notion is just silly. I was there decades ago.

There are probably some proprietary systems that make acceptable trade-offs for speed. There are also open source options.

Are databases the problem? In which case, how is proprietary any better? How do you figure that database queries are slow from relational databases? Even proprietary systems use a similar database - they just hide it from you. It is a very easy software to use, it is not expensive, and doing that the company is not so big than Siemens, Schneider, ABB, etc, the support and the response times is very good.

We looked into scandexus but ultimately went with Ignition. Yes, this is true. It is a one man operation and they have yet to deliver on any promised hardware. Technical support will be difficult by the looks of their web page.

Excel can read it, but Excel fixes the formatting error when it saves. Worse than not having a cross reference function at all. Clients frequently drop and reestablish connections to the server, even with direct CAT5 connection. I guess its not about the most used software Where European Countries love to use Siemens.

So i Guess its not a matter of Wich software is the best or the worst. Its about where the product is from. That way it makes Support easier when needed. I have had issues where Rockwell support could not help, i have had Siemens give up on me and sending the problem off to Germany with no feedback either.

Also had some guys from Schneider and Wonderware scratching their heads. In my opinion the best and worst software only depends on the programmers choice and capabilities. We all have our own way of doing things and doing our system designs.

Some software makes some design skills easier than others and therefor I would say that this conversation will still be here for the next years and will still be unsolved. We are a Schneider and AB integrator. Have used WW but will only do so when the customer demands it. Have done 2 Citec installs and have had enough of that. Never seen or heard of any of the others. All customers are crying for iPad and cross platform browser interfaces.

We are currently using Mango and are loving it. Works on Macs and Linux and Windows. Standard Web Browser interface on any device. They are following the example set by Microsoft decades ago by putting their software in collegiate engineering programs. My nephew worked with us for a few years during the summer and learned the program pretty well.

He went to the Citadel for electrical engineering and they were using Labview in all of his automation labs. It has its drawbacks but so do all the others. As far a price and ease of use, its one of the best around. Their implementation of template objects global objects and parameters has to be the worst imaginable. For example, in order to use numbers passed into parameters into a page or template object as actual numbers, you need to use: Where 1 and 2 are references to two parameters.

Otherwise, FactoryTalk assumes that the parameters are tags. I concede, most are. Changing versions of FT will install different copies of these which will then invalidate the objects on the pages. I could go on.. Cimplicity is a misnomer; Complexity is so much more appropriate. Its ability to ruin your life should never be underestimated. Do not take comms to PLCs for granted with this product, as it will be the bane of your life. If you position your mouse over a selected object s , pressing the "Shift" key is equivalent to holding the mouse button down.

Then you can use the arrow keys to move the object s. Citect would probably be my runner up, albeit much further behind in technology. I just find Citect a less of a pain in the arse than of the other choices: My Wife and I were traveling back from New Zealand. Before takeoff the Stewardess was having trouble getting the inflight entertainment system to operate.

I have never especially liked the ability to scale inside a tag. The number should be what it is in the PLC. It greatly simplifies the code if means and not , or 0.

You can create tag folders that will do all that you want the tag structure from other products to do, and then some. They are using direct addresses. I use the HMI tags for descriptive info about the direct addresses such as units, description, etc. I think I may well switch to putting this stuff in the PLC in a structure and see if that works better. Global objects do have some quirks but used appropriately can dramatically reduce your work and testing.

It was directly importable into excel and made for very easy and quick data analysis. The new native format cannot be read directly and they seem to want you to use SQL. I am not a database programmer. I can understand they wanted to incorporate the latest buzz words into the product but why scrap something that worked so well in favor os something that does not work as well for most uses and requires additional training to use? There also seem to be a lot of quirks associated with online editing.

It mostly works but every now and then something strange happens. You have clicked on the "? To search the site, enter your search terms in the box labeled "search the site" and hit Enter. Help keep our servers running Visit our Post Archive. I know everyone has their personal preferences, but I think it would be more interesting to discover which software is the Best or worst By Glen Boston on 15 October, - By Hakan Ozevin on 17 October, - By Mike Lloyd on 15 February, - 9: By Chris Powell on 22 October, - By Rafael Leal on 15 October, - Fix The list can go on and on, but few minutes i have for Reply By Brian E Boothe on 25 October, - 2: By Joe Jansen on 28 October, - By Jay Kirsch on 28 October, - Intouch is good enough for many applications, I do specify and use it.

By BT on 29 January, - Hi, I agree with you. Connolly on 15 October, - By Bob Peterson on 20 October, - 5: By knockNrod on 14 July, - By bob peterson on 14 July, - 4: Nothing like a reply to an 8 YO post. By Alfonso on 29 March, - 1: By danmountjoy on 7 November, - 3: By Anonymous on 22 October, - By Rick Hudson on 22 October, - By Ranjan Acharya on 28 October, - Perhaps you should tell us what you intend to do with this scientifically inaccurate survey.

Dear Ranjan Acharya, I agree with almost every word of yours. By Curt Wuollet on 1 November, - By Ranjan Acharya on 1 November, -

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